E154 2016-05-13 Fuzzy & Friends - Updates from STEEM, BitShares, ElectricChain

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Bytemaster joins us to talk about steem after it reaches CMC top 10 status.

Datasecuritynode (aka bunkerchainlabs) and Cryptoprometheus join us to update on Peerplays milestones and development plans.

Francois from ElectricChain joins to talk solarcoin and the electricchain project.

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Great episode. Interesting to hear about the potential synergies between Steemit and BitShares. Peerplays is also looking promising: http://www.peerplays.com/Peerplays_Whitepaper.pdf

terrible recording fuzzy!!

ok gets better 20 mins in.

Thanks for letting us know.

I will upvote the best comments on this thread with my fuzzyvest account, so please feel free to give us your thoughts!

Whoohoo top 10! Wish I owned more Steem!

Hi Fuzzy, it's @lpninja from ElectriCChain. I would like to join the next call when possible. A lot to talk about. Thanks, lpninja

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Np dad. Cool to see you listening to these and learning about this stuff in more depth. I told you I'd make you a believer ;)