BitShares Open Source Hangout #27 -2017-06-30

Covered this Hangout

Welcome to the first Hangout specifically for the BitShares blockchain community! Join every Friday @200pm(UTC) the BitShares community! In the future watch for great things from this old growth community!

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This hangout are very informative to us as investors of bitshares..I will have to join the live hangout next friday.. thanks for info @officialfuzzy


Wow This hangout are very informative to us as investors of bitshares.... thanks for info @officialfuzzy

Man a days u r not posting that much ...keep posting dear

Hey @officialfuzzy I have 20 Whaleshares but I wanted upvote on a comment which you website doesn't support can I directly transfer you whaleshares and you upvote it please

Waiting for new post

I have been told I am missing out because I haven't attended any. timing is difficult cos i am in Ireland and I have kids at home.

I have loads of ideas and have been told this is a great place to share them and to get and give help.

I will defo arrange something so I can tune in and hopefully take part

Are non-whales allowed entry?


of course

Great hang out with a lot of values. Will be there on the next one again. Thanks for sharing. Upvote and Resteem.

I was just looking for something to listen to while i eat, winner winner chicken dinner

Very interesting, I hope that the proposals follow, also the Spanish community

thank you for your sharing

Thanks for the great work :)

Cool. Its always good to have someone show the steps. Gonna go check this out. Thanks.

downloaded...thanks @officialfuzzy

Can't wait to see what people create.

everything here is so much better than elsewhere. cant believe i was watching mainstream media few months ago to get infos instead of beeing here and see everything go faster more honest and useful that you ever get by all those suckers out in the "old world" :-D


will definitely check it out

wow this is great work thanks for the support!

Cool, will have a listen to this tomorrow. It's Saturday evening, that's enough Steemin' for today!

Thank u for sharing ,sir.

discord invite is invalid or has expired. do you have a live link?

good stuff

thankd, i need your upvote lenouar hakim