BitShares Hangout #18 w/ @chris4210 & @officialfuzzy! - 2017-04-28

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Welcome to the first Hangout specifically for the BitShares blockchain community! Join every Friday @100pm(UTC)to join @Chris4210, @officialfuzzy and the BitShares community! In the future watch for great things from this old growth community!

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Label: BeyondBitcoin om
Port: 64738
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Password: w0rldCh@NG3rsUN!t3

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BitShares community! In the future, we hope this community will last forever.
Good job @officialfuzzy


we will do the be we can to help that be a reality :)


Yes, I also hope you can be like that.
Strongly support this community.
Good luck @officialfuzzy

I've worked with @svk for a period of time and really enjoyed it. I'd be happy to get involved in feature prioritization and coming up with a plan for a methodical development cycle again if there is interest. Is there a bitshares telegram channel?


Yes. There is:

Please feel free to join our community in helping in any way you feel is best. We are very grass roots so we can use those who seriously want to change the world and help the tech move forward :)

valid concerns about project, i thought of getting involved with some projects i have in mind, hopefully soon will share my thoughts on forum or here

Very nice!

I enjoyed participating in the 18th Bitshares hangout. If you're interested in the interest/dividends/profit-sharing idea, check out the topic on bitsharestalk!

Great work ! Great community. Thumbs up :)

Nice post :)) i will upvote and follow you @officialfuzzy

Yes, good job community.
Nice post.
Thanks for sharing.