Beyond Bitcoin Allstar Exclusive -- Christoph Hering of OPENPOS, ECHO, BitShares Munich


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We catch up to Christoph to talk shop about what is happening in the cryptospace, where he believe bitshare's place is in the future--its unique value propositions and, of course, his new status as a BitShares Committee Member.
Congratulations Chris!

If anyone would like to contact Chris, please do so using the provided email contact: [email protected]

Also make sure to check out the links provided to learn more about what Chris, Ken and the team at BitShares Munich are up to!


listening now, didn't know a whole lot about BTS but love what you are all doing

Thanks! We honestly care a great deal about making sure every crypto has the chance to be represented. And what's even better is that the community and bm have sacrificed a great deal to bring Graphene to the world. We look forward to seeing other chains grow out of bitshares code. Lisk and STEEM are just two. Peerplays will be another...and there are yet others in the pipeline I am certain.

Thanks for appreciating our humble volunteer work :)

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E158 2016-06-03 Beyond Bitcoin Allstar Exclusive - Christoph Hering OPENPOS, ECHO, BitShares Munich

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