A Huge Amount of WhaleShares was Just Released to Active Members/Leaders in WhaleShares Discord...[Don't Upvote--Resteem Instead!]

in #beyondbitcoin3 years ago (edited)

We are Proud to Announce we just Distributed 7350 WhaleShares to Active Community!

That's Equivalent to 73.5 100% upvotes from Our Whale!

Why WhaleShares?

WhaleShares was designed by @officialfuzzy and built by @elmato to enable him (and in the future all other whales) to give minnows the ability to summon whales who trust them enough to give tokens to use on their future content and content they believe deserves rewards! When you use WhaleShares, you not only gain Steem and Steem Backed Dollars (SBD), but you also stick out from the crowd when others are voting! Think of it as an Advertisement Bonus!

One vote from WhaleShares can get you into the Hot and Trending tabs on Steemit and Substantially increase your chances of receiving upvotes from other steemians from all strata of the Steem Ecosystem!

@officialfuzzy could be using voting bots like most of the whales, but decided that to use voting bots the ANTITHESIS of social behavior! Why not incentize Whales to Power Up, Socialize and Pay Out in their own token!? Well that is the next step.

Along with @jphenderson, @elmato, @patenincho, @akrid, @eirick, @stargarden, @sykochica, @kurtbeil, @swolesome, @rondonson, @renate, @ronmamita, and so many more we have created a service to help whales START GIVING instead of...

USING BOTS to Statically Upvote Potential Sock Puppet Accounts!!

is this what Steem is supposed to become??

So What are You Waiting for? Join our BeyondBitcoin Hangouts where all of this (Even Steem!) began!

Step 1: Download Mumble Here

Step 2:

Watch Setup Instructions

Step 3:

Enter the following information:

Label: BeyondBitcoin om
Port: 64738
Username: Enter your username
Password: [email protected]!t3

And When not in Beyond Bitcoin's Live Hangouts

Join our nearly 500 Active Members in our 24/7 WhaleShares Server!

Where we Just Passed out 7300 WhaleShare Tokens!

These tokens are on BitShares! So make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive and send them for upvotes on your Steem posts!

Download BitShares Wallet


i love this project man, and @jphenderson reached out to me off the bat and involved whaleshares with my rap challenge. I thank you guys for all that you are doing for us lil' guys who are trying to come up and deliver good content for people. Thanks a lot @officialfuzzy this project is awesome!

@jphenderson is one of the most amazing people i've personally ever met. It is so nice to have so many amazing people supporting this invention and the community :)

most definitely bro, we gotchu!

Heck yeah I became aware of whaleshares because of @rondonson 's rap challenge. Just joined the discord channel o weee

going to check it out, re-steemed because anything that helps newbies in this ocean if very helpful! Thanks

I agree @buster544. I'm a newbie too. All the best, and follow if you wish.

Join the discord to meet other newbies!

Thank you for your guidance.

Great idea and project .....u r great bro @officialfuzzy

I'm glad everytime I see you guys using the logo:) Also just now I fully realised how scarce these tokens really are. I'm new to Steemit and I have read couple articles about whaleshare and I thought that these tokens are well established and there is already large number of them in circulation. Than I noticed that all articles are pretty new and now I read that in recent days you released "huge amount" of 7k and I got whole 1k of it?! :O Extremely grateful to be involved since the early stage!

Yep. We are only 2 weeks old and already have 500 members in our discord!

So i'm sure we will have many more opportunities!

Hey guys.

We are here to help you on the WhaleShares discord with any question you could have about WhaleShares and its use.

You just have to join! We will show you how much you are missing by not being here.

I don't quite understand the concepts discussed here. I am 5 days into my new account. I will investigate. Any dumbing down for me would be grateful!

Best way is to join whaleshares discord and ask! ;)


How about someone offers a way to buy Steem user "services" with Pay Pal in $$$. So, it's sold like it was a product, not like you're buying crypto currency. This would be really useful for some people! Maybe difficult to automate I guess.

its less the automation and more the working with an evil company that is a big proponent of the shit paradigm we are currently in. :/

I dont like the easy path...sadly :P

I'm so bored hearing about the power of Whales who mostly use Bots to reward their buddies, favorites and celebrity Steemit members.

The success of this site is going to be determined by quality of content and readership of that content.

Economic success is completely disconnected from content quality.

Not completely. And to be fair the value of this network is more about censorship resistance than payouts...but still i believe whales ONLY help themselves by empowering people who want to create content and organize community :)

To do anything else is either silly or greedy to such a levelas to be destructive!

Well said. As with the US economy (and most all around the world), greed is the biggest threat. In my opinion, anyway.

I need to look into whaleshares and bitshares to gain a better understanding. I didn't even know bots are used... :-/ Thanks, @officialfuzzy.

I may have to check this out! :)
First time using mumble.
Let's see what it is like

Can you toss @minnowsupport into the group that has built something and is giving constantly?

Looking forward to seeing how your project morphs in along the way.

Thanks man. Sometimes it is hard when no matter how good of things I do there are haters, but its people like you who give me hope we can overcome the ego driven division mongering and build a community that lasts and has the right balance of trust + free market.

Just wait til other whales (and people delegated sp) can make their own tokens... ;)

You can count me in as a future Whale...
My posts do have value...

@officialfuzzy I signed up for this a long back and I'm regular in discord but somehow can't create an account in Bitshares so im missing out something amazing for sure. Had a long discussion with @thewalrus he tried helping me out for hours but there is a fucking error and I can't create an account. Anyway thanks for such a good initiative. May be in future I'll be a part of this. Gud Luck to my fellow steemians. Cheers!!!!!!

There is a mobile wallet too :)

Thanks for the info. May be it's the last hope.

Still reading and writing . Looking for the best ways to advance posts that might be of interest to other steemians. Appreciate your very helpful information. 🐓🐓

Is there a place where I can see a step by step on what whaleshares is about? and how I can get some on the bitshare wallet.

Whaleshares.net :D

It is our tool for using bitshares to get upvotes.

Send the Appropriate token to your Whale Sponsors BitShares Account.

What would be the Appropriate amount

1% upvote per token at present.

Tight! Resteemed!

@officialfuzzy I am currently using bots, will stop it soon. Mainly using them because I have very little exposure. Next week I will write a big article (hopefully), have things that needs to line up for it to make sense. (Not the stars and the moon but something irl) would love to receive some support.

i am actually not against little minnows using bots to a limited degree, and am not against the use of bots in general.

However, it becomes a big "circle jerk" when you create settings based on who you will upvote and never change them. Some whales may think this is a good idea, but I personally believe they have just been waiting for tools like this ;)

In my opinion bots really decrease the value of posts. One of my first posts was about vote inflation and how so many people vote without reading content, thus inflating vote count but not judging the inner content. As a minnow I think its necessary for me to ride the bot train for a bit bot really not proud nor happy about it. Still @aggroed did a big thing for minnows like me and am grateful for that for the time being. Quality over Quantity

yep. Like a lot of tools bots aren't inherently good or bad. It's how they're used that matters. We're in day 5, but so far it seems to be a good experiment helping minnows catch big upvotes, resteems, make friends, and grow together.

Want to know the irony aggroed? Since starting to give out whaleshares, my curation rewards have damn near ALREADY doubled from what they were before when i was manually curating everything.

And if you look at how much we have helped the community with this...it becomes blatantly obvious that the people against it are here more for themselves than the community...which never ends well for anyone!

Neat to know. Curation rewards for Minnowsupport seem ridiculously low. It seems to have to do with upvoting minnow content early, which minimizes our rewards and voting on minnows that don't catch many breaks also seems to hurt.

Fuzz, I think the whale shares debate has sparked a ton of cool shit. That's why I try to stay nuetral at first and figure it out over time. Looks like it's done some people some good for sure! I also like to see the groups that form, so you may have noticed on one of my last posts talking about the whaleshares group as part of Discord, which is one of the most important steemit tools around.

discord certainly is. sadly though it is run by a centralized control structure. if only there was a discord that was more like mumble id have the best of both worlds...

but damn...can i really complain? LOL

In some tags, minnowsupport trail puts me on hot tab which is really big for me. Thanks once again, hopefully I will be able to swim without floating bands :D

yeah, eventually we got you off the training wheels and hopefully you do fine without the lift, but then choose to give back anyway.

I really believe in this community, its way bigger than just blogging. I am sharing as much as I can with friends and have over 10 people join the community. Tomorrow we will have a meeting with couple friends and I will hopefully convince a friend of mine to sell clothes through steemit via steem dollars. I am travelling cities to convince her. Wish me good luck :D

Sounds awesome. She can have a resteem on her intro post if you/her ping me on it.

Surely be big fan for @officialfuzzy

I have no idea whats going on here, but I can sense the positivity as if it were a caramel chocolate vanilla coffee on my palate. Its rich and good and I WANT SOME. So, where do I sign up? Just kidding. Im taking notes and will try to get connected.

Shit i should've been active on discord

Thank you very very much !

That's amazing. User @applecrisp, just explained me about this. Will surely be joining the next beyongbitcoin hangout! :)

Very good :))

I found the post confusing. I thought I needed Mumble to order my Whaleshares. You talk about how to install Mumble - but not why to install it, or what to do with it once it is installed - except for the hint that it's to listen to the podcasts. So on to browsing more posts on Whaleshares.

You could also mention why we need to go to the Whaleshares Server, what that is, what we do when we get there, and that is runs on Discord - whatever that is. Further, the link says "invite has expired".

I've been in IT for 35 years, but never heard of Mumble or Discord.

Then, how much do you send and what do you get in return? We send Steem??

You got it! Resteemed

Upvoted, followed, and resteemed!

I'll be coming back to check this out. Thank you.

Is there any interest in incorporating the whaleshares program into my coverage of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) auction and formation of the secondary market of resellers of ENS Dapp domains?

I think it could use a boost in exposure as ETH seeds a pretty cool ecosystem they have going. No worries if not! I'm just working hard on this and it's tough to get exposure on these blogs while trying to provide value. Thank you!

How do I transfer whaleshares now? Cant find it in openledger anymore :(

The discord link has expired.

onto watching the podcasts :) and probably doing another round in the contest :) It's tough tho many great entries this time around :)

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