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So I am a big time Telegram user, a few months back I posted on the many forums about the availability of Telegram groups. If you don't know telegram, its a chat application similar to Slack, RocketChat, IRC or WhatsApp. Is Open Source and also has many nice security features.

I would like to talk about some my favorite groups from Telegram, specializing in cryptocurrency talk, some of these are in Spanish as well:

Whale Team

This is a trading group with hard focus on cryptos but also Forex and other assets. Has a lot of traffic, with nearly 2500 members this is for the rapid fire chat user. You can join it here.


Join the host of CORE TV as he talks with people regarding new ICO opportunities. A lot of facts and figures are thrown in this group about the next big company in crypto, join it at ICO Countdown

The Coin Farm

The coin farm used to be a group for StartCoin before all the drama went down. Now it focus on general chat about altcoins, is good for the someone interested into learning about the nature of a specific altcoins. Join here

DASH Knights

This group is really great, not just because I am in the DASH community but also think is a great group with just the good amount of traffic. Meet great users and they wont shove DASH down your throat like other altcoin groups. Join here

NXT Community

This is rather a new group but still growing, if you ever want to learn about NXT, feel free to join and ask. People are friendly although traffic could be rather slow. Join them here.


This is obviously a group about Bitshares and is good for someone wanting to learn more about the currency. There are plenty of users and traffic is not as intense as others but pretty active. Join the here


This is by far the most active of them all, mostly because is connected to their very intense IRC. If you are an IRC user, would just be better to be in the channel on Freenode. Otherwise this might be a good copy away from IRC of backlogs to have. Join them here

Steemit Upvote

This room is for users that want to get and share votes with the group. The traffic is intense but not as intense as other groups of this list. If you are an active poster like me of Steem, this group iw for you. There is sometime other type of chats beside just posting articles, but this is mostly about sharing posts. Join it here


This is a spanish version of the Steemit Upvote with the goal of pushing more Spanish posts to the Steemit world. Is a rather new channel and traffic is low Join them

Bitcoin Español

This group is for Bitcoin in Spanish, basically it names says it all, the traffic is moderately active. If you are into talking about bitcoin, this is a good group to join. Join here

DASH Español

Spanish group for DASH, the traffic is low but the content is pretty good, specially about learning whats going on withing the DASH community. Join here

Cryptodivisas Chat

Spanish group for all altcoins, including mining and trading, great for asking about new cryptos although some people are just stuck on bitcoin and ethereum. Join here

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Good post.
I am looking for the whaleclub trading chatroom, for some reason it says chat does not exist... Anyone else having issues?
Is there an updated list considering so much happening in altcoin world in last 2-3 months.


This is an old post, and the invite links are renewed. The current one is


@jza i am unable to join above telegram group. Please suggest some solution. Thanks


Just like I said ont hat message. dont have it at hand.

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I was looking for something like that. Found it useful @jza

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nice post :)

cool. am a big user too.


Please share it with your crypto friends.
Hope to see you on those groups.

Joined a few groups from here,thank you!

How does this list have 54k views but only 47 votes?!?!


might be steemit upvoting telegram is not working as expected :)

Is there an updated list of Telegram channels?

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This is awesome, it is a big help to us. I encourage people to join telegram groups many as you can and it will be easier for you to promote anything regarding to crypto

cool collection
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nice ;)

There is now a directory of all of the telegram crypto groups -- check out

i think this the best ico news telegram channel , you should add it to content.


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Great stuff-thank you been searching for this for a while.