welcome the new member of Graphene Family---DAC PLAY latest update

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DACPLAY 2.0 testnet is live!

Welcome the new member of Graphene family!

GO TO https://testnet2.dacplay.org TO CHECK IT OUT.

Meanwhile, DACPLAY 0.4.6 is released, this version is similar to BTS 0.9.3, which is used to export json file for later importing to 2.0 net. Download from https://dacplay.org

Trade PLS on yunbi exchange: https://yunbi.com/markets/plscny

Any questions, please feedback on

The formal chain of PLS2.0 will be up soon, but it will only provide liquidity to the tokens. The formal blockchain with V8 engine, smart contract and all on-chain games which exist in the current 0.4.6 version will be released in a few months.

The following functions are now available in 0.4.6 wallet:

Secret note
Red packets
Single color ball
Double colors ball
Super lucky wheel



Fantastic news! We've been waiting for you.

So is this a virtual casino of some sort?

Exactly, it is blockchain based.

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