DAC PLAY2.0 formal version released--- trade it on BTSABC

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The address of web wallet is

Since it is also based on Graphene, so the operation is very similar to Bitshares.

How to get tokens?

1\ Import your old Bitshares wallet as it sharedropped to Bitshares holders, or import your bitcoin wallet to DACPLAY 1.0 wallet if you participated the ICO.
2\ Import your DACPLAY 1.0 wallet json file (0.4.7 version or higher)

Once you have imported your wallet and get your tokens, you may trade it on yun.com or through btsabc.org

How to trade Playshares through BTSABC ?

1\ Send your PLS to iou.pls on PLAY2.0, and leave your BTS account in MEMO. Then you will receive equivalent IOU.PLS in Bitshares exchange.
Trade it here:

2、Send you IOU.PLS to iou.pls in Bitshares Exchange, and leave your PLAY account in MEMO. Then you will receive equivalent PLS in PLAY2.0 wallet

The upcoming updates of DACPLAY include the following games which existed in 0.4.6 wallet:

Secret notes
Red packets
Single color ball
Double colors ball
Super lucky wheel
Lucky Wheels

Link of tutorial:


Hello @jademont. The web wallet doesn't let me import my DACPLAY wallet directly. Instead it says "Please use a BTS 1.0 wallet_export_keys file instead", even though I exported my wallet from the DACPLAY 0.5.0 client.

Did you follow the right way to export wallet file from 0.5.0? you have to use "wallet_export_keys" in console to export your PLAY 1.0 wallet file, just as BTS1.0 to BTS2.0.

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