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What is the Beyond Bitcoin Radioshow and what is the Bitshares hangout?

Beyond Bitcoin is a radio show that enables everyone's voice to be heard. You'll find in these radio shows lots of projects explained, mainly blockchain and cryptocurrency related.

Here is a classic blog from Fuzzy, the moderator, gathering the guesses for the weekly hangout.

The Bitshares hangout is a special one-hour hangout dedicated only for BitShares.

Here is a classic blog from Chris4210 announcing the BitShares hangout.

With that explained, I want to emphasise the fact that these are raw recordings for impatient ones who missed the hangout and want the information asap. I recommend everybody to wait until Monday and wait for the edited version on the official channel.

If you find these recordings interesting and helpful, consider voting these blogs to incentivise me to keep spending the time to produce them.

If you enjoyed the reading/listening, consider following me, @GlitterFart


after the results of Bitshares stress test, I am baffled at how people do not know yet about this project and it doesn't get more attention.

Baffled also I am ... since 2014 ! It will get the attention it deserve sooner or later. I would say, 2017 is the Bitshares year ! Better said, 2017 is the Graphene year !

I prefer this raw recording if it's uploaded the sameday like this. thanks

I wasn't able to asist at the hangout before and I was very frustrated to have to wait until the Monday. I believe I will be now available on Friday so I'll try my best to produce these "raw recordings for impatients". So impatient listeners like me won't have to wait until Monday ;)

same sentiment here. thanks for uploading so quickly.

First time for me at Beyond Bitcoin session; Learned a lot!

It's a great place to learn and get involve in the community. Lots of very smart ppl in these hangouts !

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