Beyond Bitcoin: BitShares Allstar Awards - w/ hangouts!

in #beyondbitcoin4 years ago enables us to cover the beautiful stories and passionate individuals who have lived them throughout our struggle to change the world. Our blockchain Technology has been well worth the cost of its creation as BitShares (indeed all Graphene Chains) are capable of things that 95% of the chains in existence cannot. Because of the brilliant mechanism by which we are paid in a currency backed by the real value of our own human interaction and cooperation, I can now begin using a tool to help build bitshares at the heart: its loyal community.

Credits to Cass for the Image

How to participate:

Step 1: Post at least one name of a person who has been loyally working on a BitShares friendly project.
Step 2: Post links and/or descriptions of their work for bitshares and why it would not be the same without them
Step 3: Give the link to this thread to friends both on and off the forums--ask them to upvote it!
Step 4: Give the link to your steemit response to friends both on and off the forums--ask them to upvote it

Note: you are advocating for your candidate and all others to get paid as much as possible simply by completing these steps! If you know people with steempower, let them know about this thread after you post for your candidate(s)!

I will give all the steemusd earned from this post's upvote to the candidates and their projects. They will also receive an hour hangout that will be posted to beyond bitcoin and the steemusd earned from that hangout's upvotes when posted.

Thank you everyone! Lets show the FUDders and sad kids that we have the tools to build it!


Do i get 2 nominations; yes, good; I nominate:


Bitshares technical Guru, Python master coder and father of many applications and scripts.
All those things and more; not to mention he is one of the highest posters on the Bitsharestalk forum; he is always willing to help you understand something from a more technical point of view or sling you some code to get you started.
He has done a lot for Bitshares over the years and is a stand out in the community; all actions taken are also backed by German efficiency!

Cheers Xeroc; you have been a pivotal point in Bitshares and you are an all round rock star!

100% agreed. Xeroc is a true bitshares penguin. Btw, if you see this @xeroc, we need to set something up to show people how to use the liquidity bot :)

I agree .. Some more details on how to run this will be helpful ..
Let me continue some tests and improvements. We will get their eventually..

i know a guy that stands out to me; you may know him... not sure if i can, but, i'm going to do it anyway, I nominate:


Volunteer for BeyondBitcoin, founder of Sharebits and host of my favourite weekly get together which for 2 1/2 years has pretty much focus exclusively on Bitshares and it's community and at times united 100-150 people for updates and questions relating to Bitshares and its progress.
Given the growth in Bitshares and Steem coming into the scene the landscape has shifted slightly; but Fuzzy is there every week and as i see it is a cornerstone of the Bitshares community.

Cheers Fuzzy; thanks for your effort's over the year!; Bitshares would not be the same with out you!

Awe...thanks buddy!

Our community will go through phases. Coolest thing about it that as long as we are always working and truly trying, we will only get better, bigger and stronger in the long run.


god father of all design, simplicity and among the most loyal members of the BitShares community. Went through tough times, barely asks for compensation and has been a good friend for many years!


C++ super-nerd. Among the few that dare to touch the true source!


King of the GUI, lord of ReactJS. Active in the community for so many moons

These all made me smile Xeroc. Thank you for participating and thank you to all of these people for their efforts :)

Tuck Fheman

This brilliant anagram of a man makes me laugh more than anyone here by perhaps a factor of 10. He speaks his mind with hearty sarcasm while still managing not to come off as a total asshole (ahem - unlike some others I won't mention), he dons multiple personalities like they are flavors of ice cream, and his lack of political correctness is absolutely refreshing.

Tuck also works hard for the community, when he isn't busy ruthlessly keeping it real. I know he helped with beyond bitcoin quite a bit, and recently he has been publishing full written transcripts of the hangouts. I wish I could say more about the things he has done, but perhaps someone else cares to chime in and give this guy some major props.

I definitely agree 100% with this.

He has helped me many times doing things I know first hand take forever (transcripts for one) and still has the energy to send out a flurry of perfectly structured memes for making you pee your pants laughing.

Aww damn man thanks! I just found this. I appreciate the kind words!!! :)

oh weren't supposed to know people liked you...

Hi all,

I came to know about Bitshares in 2015. Just recently started to look into it further:

Thank you Ronny Boesing
Thank you Tuck Fheman
Daniel Larimer
And thank you all for Bitshares


Work ethic, drive, passion.....a very valuable part of the entrepreneurial spirit exemplified by many in the bitshares community.

Kencode is a true badass. I will never forget ken coming to bitshares and working his butt off for the community despite having under 15k bitshares for a long time. He just wants to build stuff that will help the world deal with what we all have concern may happen with the monetary system. Great choice too :)

I do you compare gold nuggets? All these guys are allstars...


thanks :)
Do you have anyone you would like to mention?

I believe guys from Chinese community also deserve this honor.
I want to mention 4 people from Chinese community.
"aqiang" for managing , the biggest bitshares theme website in Chinese.

ebit and baicai, for managing the account "hellobts" in wechat, which has over 3000 followers know.
and myself, xiaoshan, for participating both of them.