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RE: The Great Debate: Lifting the Gridcoin Team Requirement

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Not sure I understand @neuralminer 's argument? How would mine and dump" type miners even work in GRC's scernario? Wouldn't it require them to run BOINC whitelisted projects to "mine"? And, wouldn't that be accomplishing what GRC set out to accomplish anyways: getting more people to support BOINC?

I for one would like to see the team requirements go away if the scaling issues are resolved to a reasonable level. As @dutch mentioned, being part of a team and showing your support for an organization is a big part of the BOINC experience and having to leave your team is heartbreaking.


The more users using the gridcoin client the better, even if their intent is to sell their coins we cannot & shouldn't concern ourselves with how users use their grc after earning them.

Agreed. And again, the community has the power to adapt Gridcoin as we go along. Everything doesn't have to always stay static. If we encounter an issue, we will work to fix it.