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I was always intrigued by cloud mining but soon realized It was more costly then I had imagined until now! Cryptonomos is offering an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) One WTT (Giga Watt Token) is equal to 1.10$ USD with over 13 million tokens sold and a strong diverse team all over the globe I believe in the greatness of this company with their mining solutions based out of 1 Campbell Pkwy, East Wenatchee, WA 98802 (Washington has an extremely low cost of KW/H).
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You can purchase a miner(s) to join their mining pools, Rent your coins out to make a profit, Invest WTT to use their mining geo pods for up to 50 years! or host your ICO on their platform.
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I find it amazing that you can also sign up to tour the facilities. The well-diversified team is 100% transparent and their milestone goals are easily achievable with the amount of support they are receiving from the Cryptocommunity.
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Click the Pic below if you would like to check out the website I can't wait to post my updates on how this company is turning out.
Drop your questions or concerns below,

Goodluck to all early adopters of Cryptonomos!


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