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RE: The Great Debate: Lifting the Gridcoin Team Requirement

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I think what a lot of us are forgetting is why teams exist in the first place. Teams are BOINC's method, alongside project medals, to gamify the BOINC experience. This has been proven over and over in many fields to yield significant loyalty increases for any platform from its user base.

By removing the team requirement, we are thinning team loyalty. I think more crunchers will increase the GRC price, which is good for BOINC. I also think removing the team requirement is very bad for BOINC. Suddenly, a team is not as meaningful as it used to be. I also concede that the effect of this will depend a lot on the implementation of team requirement removal.

It remains to be seen which camp has the largest impact.


We're not removing teams from BOINC, just the requirement that you have to be in Team Gridcoin in order to earn GRC. After that has been changed you can be a member of any team you want.

Edit: But I have a feeling you already know that and that I'm misinterpreting :D

Ah, let me try clarify. I remember there was a discussion going around that users may be allowed to join two teams, which I would see as detrimental.

If the implementation would be to void Team Gridcoin added effect altogether, where it becomes a standard BOINC team and has nothing to do with Gridcoin reward, that would be great.