What Should Your Crypto Coin Portfolio Look Like?

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This post is for the newer individuals out that are getting into crypto-currency. Below are my recommendations on what your crypto-coin portfolio should look like. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and you research anything before buying it.

*Main Portfolio
Bitcoin (25-33%)
Dash (5-10%)
Monero (1-5%)
Ethereum Classic (1-5%)

*Optional Coins (I would not put any more than 5% into these coins. Anything with ** is what I highly recommend)
**Litecoin (Almost put this in the main portfolio, but I would consider it borderline)
**Token Card ( would recommend everyone having at least 1 as they are < $1 and have the potential for high return)
**Digix DOA
Singular DTV
Matchpool (GUP)
Storj Coin

Again, these are some of my choices and there are more coins that I didn't mention. Feel free to comment below what you would recommend and why.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas!

An overview of my current portfolio. I am curious what you think:

This is the approach I use:

Interesting to see that we have some overlap, but also differences. For instance I really believe in the potential of WAVES and NEO. What do you think about them?

You should check out Cointracking Portfolio Manager.

It has

  1. Automatic import of trades through APIs.
  2. Average purchase and sale price reports.
  3. Booked and unbooked profits.
  4. Ability to calculate your taxes.
  5. Set up price notifications.

For details of how to use these features checkout this post.

I have to agree https://cointracking.info?ref=C669500 it's the best I actually posted about this recently in my blog portfolio allocation is the most important thing if you plan to buy and HODL long term

Agree. While it is important for HODLers I think it is very critical for traders to get a birdsview of all their trades.

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Looking at marketcap I would say you are overweighted in bitcoin. A lot of the altcoins seem to be rising at the expense of bitcoin marketcap.
I would put bitcoin in the less than 5% column. After all, those other currencies can be traded for bitcoin if one needs conversion. I would up golem to about 10% at least.
Great post though. Guess time will tell.
My portfolio is approximately
12% steem
33% golem
50% etherium

Hmmm how come golem if you dont mind me asking, im kinda new to crypto

golem has an application to back up its crypto currency just like steemit. Just acting as a currency to transfer value was solved by bitcoin. Today's crypto must have some blockchain functionality that supports specific applications. For etherium, the primary application is smart contracts. Steemit has social networking. Golem has distributed computing. If golem succeeds a cell phone could potentially perform faster calculations than today's fastest supercomputer. I also like lbry for the same reason. Besides application specific functionality they also act as a currency with faster transaction times than bitcoin. The only value bitcoin has now, as I see it, is that it has been adopted by so many currency exchanges and has evolved into a legitmate currency. Other currencies have yet to reach the market penetration of bitcoin. But since other currencies can be traded for bitcoin there is no reason to hold bitcoin in a portfolio where one is looking for value, potential value, and returns.

Nice, thanks for the info i'll do a bit more research on golem

I was looking at Golem too and found this, I'm very new and have found lots of good info and sharing my adventure!

Bitcoin 75%
Steem 20%
Golem 5%

I hold 5: Bitcoin, Ether, XEM, Golem, and Lisk. I want to like Digix DAO, but havent researched.

DigixDOA is awesome. Research it as it has potential for high returns as you send it in once a quarter and get a percentage of profits (in the process of Setup)

I developed an app for Android to track your crypto portfolio, it is a simple app so you can track your portfolio. The prices are updated every 5 minutes. Ideal for coin holders. No personal or coin data will be shared nor with our server nor with 3rd parties.

download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smorasoft.allmycoins

What do you think of pivix, ark and lisk? The price of the first two has drop considerably during the last days. They are very good projects.

Monero has been keeping the same value (in BTC terms) for a quite a long time. I consider that it has a lot of growing potential. What do you think?

I upvoted.

The 3 above, I don't know enough to make an informed decision.

Monero isn't really user friendly, but I see potential in it due to the anonymous nature of this

I agree with you about Monero.

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Nice post :), yes the notion of main portfolio is useful. But some time you only buy what you have an easy access, that why with the standard ERC-20 for new Token on Ethereum are not so accessible today, but will but a lot more soon I believe...

Thank for your article, follow me I always follow back. And I upvoted you ;)

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raising the topic of portfolio allocation with regards to crytpo will certainly be a more discussed topic in the future.

What do you think about ripple? Surprised not to see it. I think it has a distinctive value and could be a nice long term investment.

Mine at the moment is made up of steem and nem, also have a viva crown and a half.
I'm very much liking nem I don't hear much on steemit about nem but it's consistently been in the top ten and has made huge gains this past month!

I would be careful as although both are in the top two, Crypto is volatile and even the best coins can flop in a second with an exploit or flaw

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Interesting post. I was about to post a similair thread. The future is in blockchain. The issues is that people don't seem to care about the Trustworthiness of the current cryptos. This also happened in the internet boom. An interesting website I found: https://www.coincheckup.com. It's a great site that gives in depth research on every tradable cryto in the market.

Bitcoin and Etherum seems to be the most established so I would say you are about right. I would go 50% bitcoin, 30% Etherum and about 20% for other altcoins.