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RE: The Great Debate: Lifting the Gridcoin Team Requirement

in #beyondbitcoin4 years ago

It is only a matter of time before the mandatory team req is gone, when it is we'll be able to recruit a larger userbase within the BOINC community.

That post I created was a year ago at this point, back then the support for removing the team req wasn't great but now it's looking far more likely.

Would anyone be opposed to reposting of such old posts?


I would support it 100%. I think it's important to get this issue out in front of everyone again, and give everyone the opportunity to really discuss it and disseminate all the different angles and opinions.

I'm with @Ropaga above. It's really a technical issue that we're trying to fix. I think that's a great way to frame it and similar to how you described it in your article last year.