The Pillar ICO - a Blockchain game changer - Beyond Bitcoin

in beyondbitcoin •  2 years ago 

So, tonight at midnight PST the Pillar token crowd sale opens. Personally, I don't expect it to last long as there is a lot of excitement in the community. The presale on Thursday lasted a whopping 36 minutes.

But who knows, today is a Crypto bloodbath and some people are running scared of the Crypto World. Not me, I know it is just like when Robin Hood whips an arrow out of his quiver and pulls back the string on his bow. All that remains to be seen is just how far that arrow will go and whose mark it will hit.

And tonight - in roughly 2.5 hours the ICO for the Pillar Project will open, and they are building gigantic value for the online security and personal safety space. Here is my video on it:

Safety of our private data is becoming a bigger issue by the day - and this is why Pillar is such a great offering.

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