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Mercury Entered the SHADOW yesterday March 8th. The Merc Retro actually starts on March 23 at 17' Aries. The Pre-Shadow is just the warm-up cycle for what is coming up during Mercury Retrograde and the Post-Shadow is the time when we clear up the issues that the Retrograde brought to light.

FIREY WORDS - The 3 main 2018 Mercury Retrograde cycles will be in FIRE signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) which activates bold words, strong statements and sometimes rash hotheadedness. This is more of a problem for those who have not made peace with their own FIRE nature (passion, enthusiasm, anger, inspiration, creativity, energy levels) than those who have, but it effects all of us in one way or another. Some key things to watch out for during all three of these Mercury Retro cycles are; fighting words, low energy levels or excess energy (exercise is key), temper, overreactions, bold statements, shocking and revelatory information and statements that often freak a lot of people out. Now, I believe in truth so I usually cheer when this happens - but be prepared that a LOT of people will apparently lose their sh*t over what for some of us are just tiny little meaningless issues or even distractions. This can lead to fights as well. So be careful of arguing just for the sake of arguing. It's a good idea for all of us to practice listening a little bit more during these Mercury Cycles.

The Cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are tied to the seasonal changes. These signs have a special role in the unfolding of key changes in the world we live in and these are the leadership signs of the zodiac. Because of their seasonal connection they are deeply involved with the battle between GOOD AND EVIL that is constantly at play in this world. This is a deep subject and I can spend hours talking about it, but for now just know that this activation will activate the WARRIOR (Aries) OF TRUTH energy and that those who came to this earth to speak and spread truth must now do so or face great pain, trail and hardship until they do. This is karmic law. We incarnate for specific purposes and reasons and If you are a warrior then you must enter the fight when called. There is no time for FEAR, or HIDING. There is nowhere to hide from yourself. Each of us is either on the side of GOOD or serving the agenda of EVIL (even through non-action).

Expect this cycle to bring issues of FAKE NEWS and PROPAGANDA and CENSORSHIP into stark focus. Now is the time to overthrow these forces of control that are serving the agenda of EVIL. But don't expect it to be easy, and it is guaranteed to be very confusing. This is why the SPIRITUAL WARRIORS of TRUTH are so very important.

Also, the opposite sign of Aries (Libra) is activated by this cycle as well and draws into focus issues of partnerships of all kinds. Those that do not serve a higher purpose will devolve into a lot of bickering and infighting. The key issue is that of a HIGHER PURPOSE. I once heard someone say that the forces of darkness and evil are a lot more organized than the forces of the light - and this is true. Sometimes all that it takes to derail the forces of light is a little chaos. Don't let that happen to you.

The dates for this cycle:
Pre-Shadow starts: March 8 in Aries 4'47"
Mercury Station Retrograde March 23, 2018 in Aries 16' 54"
Mercury direct on April 15 in Aries 4'47"
Mercury leaves the Post-Shadow on May 3 in Aries 16' 54"

Here is my video about how the Mercury Retrograde cycle actually works:

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Love it. Yes!! I wonder though about the "bickering". I am still learning about astrology. My sun and moon are in Leo, but I'm an Aries Rising. My husband is a Libra - moon in Pisces and Capricorn rising. This MIR had as at each other's throats the first few days. I could not hold back my temper - it was intense. Things are good now, but whooooah. What has definitely helped is a quieter, less chaotic home the past couple days. :)