Bitcoin Sees Bull Reversal Ahead of Chinese New Year


Bitcoin appears set to check the $10,000 mark soon, as in line with technical analysis, even though a few traders worry the Lunar New yr may also play spoilsport.

Beforehand of recent yr vacations (starting Feb. 15), chinese and South Koreans frequently exchange bitcoin for fiat currencies (to fund accelerated spending), and bitcoin (BTC) has a tendency to drop within the run-up to the occasion.

Boosting such fears this 12 months is bitcoin's (BTC) latest lack of ability to move above $9,000 in a convincing way. seeing that Feb. 10, the cryptocurrency has been restrained to a narrow variety of $eight,000 to $9,000, suggests CoinDesk's Bitcoin rate Index (BPI).

Still, historical statistics shows the possibility of bitcoin reporting profits this month is excessive.

Bitcoin seasonal trends (data via Bitstamp)


  • January changed into a terrific month for bitcoin in the course of the 3 year length of 2012–2014, whilst the overall performance became jumbled in February.

*But, given that 2015 a clean sample has been installed: BTC drops in January and gains fee in February.

*The 26 percentage decline seen in January this yr is the second biggest monthly drop considering the fact that 2015. Going via the sample visible inside the closing 3 years, the cryptocurrency should see gains this month.

Looking at the technical charts, bitcoin has visible a chief bullish reversal sample these days. As of writing, the BPI is visible at around $8,800, and has favored with the aid of 3.76 percentage within the final 24 hours, in keeping with statistics source CoinMarketCap.

4-hour chart


The above chart (prices as per Bitstamp) shows:

*Inverse head and shoulders breakout – a bullish reversal pattern, indicating a bearish-to-bullish trend exchange.

*The previous four-hour candle closed above the neckline, confirming an upside breakout. As according to the measured top approach, the breakout has opened the doorways for a rally to at the least $11,000.


  • Historical data display February has been an excellent month for bitcoin.

  • The fast-time period technical outlook is bullish, with BTC having potential to upward push to $eleven,000.

  • However, as mentioned in advance this week, profits above the $10,000 mark could be temporary.

  • Bearish state of affairs: Failure to capitalize on the inverse head and shoulders breakout observed with the aid of a every day close (as in line with UTC) beneath $7,625 (Feb. 2 low) could yield a deeper promote-off to $6,000–$5,900.


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