[Pre-Template] Edited- Beyond Bitcoin Hangout for PeerPlays

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I'm planning to edit the BB Hangouts and breaking them into Edited Segments by speakers. PeerPlays have always been a loyal participant. updating the community via the Hangouts.
That said, below is a template I have created and plan to use for final edit posts onto Steem.
Let me know if you have any requests of anything to add or share into this template.
Please note... a lot of the gif animations are click-troughs.

Edited for

October 28th^ 2016

Listen To The PeerPlays Hangout Now!

Sports Betting from Anywhere in the World!

Peerplays™ introduces the next generation of sports betting - where anyone can become a bookie. There is are no central servers where betting takes place - but rather all bets and trades are made over the peer-to-peer network. With Peerplays™, you can wager on sporting events from anywhere in the world without restrictions, and all payouts are guaranteed by the blockchain.

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