[Coming Soon] Edited - Beyond Bitcoin Hangouts

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Hello Everyone!

This post won't be long, just wanted to give a quick shout-out to let people know that I'm getting back into the editing of The Beyond Bitcoin Hangouts.
Currently, I've been working on a few different templates (like the gif you see above), which has taken forever and a day but, I'm nearing the end of all of that, and will soon be ready to dive in and start editing very soon!
So please be sure to Follow me... so you don't miss any future posts of the edited content!!

Most of you may not be familiar but, I use to edit these hangouts with @officialfuzzy on a weekly basis for approximately 2 years... took a hiatus... and now, I'm ready to get back to the grind.

The whole goal with the "Segment" edit's is to purposely break down the 2+ hour hangout recordings and package them into individual recordings and make it easier for people to enjoy.
This will also benefit the featured guest speakers who participate in the Hangouts, as they'll now be able to distribute and share their conversation that contains any project/product information...
Knowing that the edited version will be clean, pop and clip free and the sound tweaked to "broadcast" quality (as best as possible anyways :)

It's approaching 2am and must sleep.
Again, please remember to Follow!!

Thank you

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Upvoted, Followed, Resteemed & Promoted! :D

Looking forwards to future beyondbitcoin releases.


Thank you @cm-steem
I certainly appreciate it!

Great news ! It's nice to have you work for the community again !
It's a nice idea you have there with the Segments, I'm sure plenty of speakers will use your work for their promotion.


Thanks @africa
I appreciate the vote of confidence! And yes, I too hope the speakers will get value out of these.
We need to encourage and promote this type of platform. I mean geesh... Beyond Bitcoin has 1,600 seats available, free for anyone to sit in, listen and interact with... so I'm looking forward in trying to do my part in making this grow!

This is an excellent initiative. Thanks AJ


I appreciate it @onceuponatime
Looking forward to it!

Greets, @ajvest!

I do the audio editing for the #gridcoin community hangouts, and heard about this initiative. We were trying to brainstorm a method for you to pay people per speaking time on track, etc... obviously we would use it too. lol

I have been scouring for some code related to finding JUST voice on an audio track... but it just doesn't really... exist yet. It would apparently be quite lucrative as well, seeing as phone companies could use it to lower bandwidth usage.

I have found a couple of almost promising examples of some code to put together. Hit me up if you're interested! :D

hey there. Just wanted to thank you for supporting me in my new Steemit journey and upvoting my posts. Truly appreciate!