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Blockchain and Gambling

#Blockchain technology has been slowly creeping into our lives. There is no denying that its presence today can be felt like never before. Because blockchain is so transparent and efficient, it can be used for virtually anything. With these attributes, blockchain is perfect for online #gambling and we’re already seeing the effects of the rise of crypto on this side of the industry.

Now, #BetTronLive is taking the blockchain into real-world online casinos on top of the #TRON network blockchain and revolutionizing the way that players, developers and casino operators interact. To help establish it, we have also built the first plug-and-play casino platform for a new generation of casinos, affiliates and players. BetTronLive is a new blockchain-based online gaming platform that integrates live dealer casino games with new #DApp gaming trends around the world.

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Why Tron Network?

  1. TRON network blockchain is primarily focused on global entertainment and gaming products.
  2. It is well-suited for decentralised gaming platforms.
  3. It is a high-performance network with the capacity of processing close to 2,000 transactions per second.
  4. TRON’s ecosystem promotes a fair and transparent mechanism for DApp development and deployment.

BetTronLive is using blockchain technology because of its transparency and security. It creates a pioneering gaming ecosystem which links all participants in real time.

BetTronLive Benefits

To Players:

  • A more fair, user-friendly experience and a more versatile and functional tool for the industry
  • A new blockchain-based online gaming platform that integrates live dealer casino games with new DApp gaming trends around the world
  • Access to a large selection of live dealer and standard games from any device or computer
  • Game selection updated every 15 days
  • Social functions to connect with a global community of players on the platform
  • Options for an additional source of revenue through a simple yet effective mining model to earn RAKE tokens when playing games or watching video ads on the platform.

Soon, users can access the BetTronLive platform through a desktop version that can be opened on any #PC, #notebook, #Windows- or #Android-based phone, or #tablet for ease and convenience.

To Advertisers:

  • Several options for placing ads on the platform to earn a profit
  • Access to a global community of players
  • Advertising model that rewards all


BetTronLive Native Currency — RAKE!

RAKE — our own native currency — plays a central role in the creation of this new DApps ecosystem. It will power the BetTronLive platform, reward users, and incentivise players by prioritizing wealth redistribution.

Game Structure

The games offered on the BetTronLive platform will be unique and provide a realistic and immersive experience to players.

BetTronLive will start with a few popular games and then gradually expand to include well-developed #dice games, poker games, #RNG games, #sports #bookies, #slotmachines and even #Bingo to attract more players.

Live Dealer Feature

The live dealer feature will be unique to BetTronLive and online gaming platforms as a whole. It will create the same atmosphere that players find at a table in any land-based casinos around the world, but they won’t have to travel.

BetTronLive aims to give the players a unique experience like no other. Enjoy the game and the chatter without leaving the comfort of your home.

BetTronLive, a new way to earn and play!

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Blockchain powered gaming is all the rave right now and with cryptocurrencies getting all the spotlight right now this is truly a timely project that will surely revolutionize online gaming as we know it. Can't wait to see its final form.

Good to know the benefits of #BetTronLive in players & advertisers. Goodluck to this platform

i have heard of online gambling before , but this one , @bettronlive is definitely a boom!!! cryptocurrency + online gaming ,superb! good luck to the whole team

I hope this project does not commit the same mistakes other projects in the space by releasing their tokens prematurely in DEX which caused their value to depreciate suddenly.

This is really good platform

This one is the best online gabling that I have met so far.

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Thanks for introducing this to steemians. I am glad to take part of this awesome gaming platform. The live dealer would be an excellent feature for sure.

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