RAKE Tokens - BetTronLive's Own Native Cryptocurrency

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BetTronLive is a live dealer casino based on the TRON network blockchain that uses a cryptocurrency - RAKE token -as a reward token for players and participants and takes user experience in iGaming to the next level.


RAKE — our own native currency — plays a central role in the creation of this new DApps ecosystem. It will power the BetTronLive platform, reward users, and incentivise players by keeping wealth redistribution a priority.



  • RAKE is a TRC-20 token.

  • RAKE tokens can be mined by playing certain games on the BetTronLive platform and by watching video ads before the live dealer games begin.

  • Blockchain technology gives players complete freedom to transfer RAKE tokens between each other or just hold them in a safe place.

  • RAKE will be traded on several decentralised exchanges (DEX)

  • Players don’t need to install or run any additional software or hardware to mine RAKE.

  • It can be stored on hardware wallets that support the TRON blockchain, such as Ledger, Nano S, and Trezor.


The BetTronLive platform uses two currencies — TRX and RAKE. Both tokens have the TRC-20 format, and the RAKE token is a registered name. To further drive the value of the RAKE token, only 100,000,000 tokens will be minted, and that number will never be increased.

Users can also store their tokens on the integrated third-party wallet BetTronLive offers. You can create your TRON wallet here: http://bit.ly/2XHjBYo

Using an integrated wallet will increase stability with a new improved interface for make more efficient usability.

RAKE holders will be the core of the BetTronLive platform. Every DApp that is deployed on the BetTronLive platform will share a portion of their mining pool and dividend pool with RAKE holders. Another benefit for RAKE holders will come from simply holding onto their RAKE tokens, which will further drive the valuation of the tokens.

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This is a great project. You can do gambling at the comfort of your home.

To all gamblers there, this is another opportunity to earn more from this project. God Bless

promising project, gonna support this

Nice article

A unique token that exceeds the expectations of players!

A notable platform to maximize our earnings

Interesting project

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I can't wait to mine Rake ! I just hope my bet mining strategies works.

I love the way #BetTronLive use RAKE as their cryptocurrency name same as the RAKE use term in an actual live casino.

This would definitely be a long term project and the best way to multiply our Tron.

That mining idea is good for the small players in the platform! Kudos!

i've been meeting a lot of new tokens recently , but tron is one of the promising ones i love , and this, Rake token being a tron-based one will definitely make noise , lezzgo!!!

Goody! Another token to mine for passive income! When do we start?

Rake sounds a great token to be mined. seems so easy to gain and most players will be excited to hold this .

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If that's the case then I'll be playing more in the platform!

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Hoping this token will go mainstream just like what happened to Bittorrent circulating inside the Tron Network.