BetTronLive Power Pick Draw: Biggest TRX Prize Giveaway Ever!

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BetTronLive — a live dealer casino based on the #TRON network #blockchain is set to launch soon! Before launching, we are doing a promotion called the POWER PICK DRAW for early adopters who register before the launch. It is the biggest TRX giveaway to date.

Since the project is based on the TRON network blockchain, our team is encouraging the community to each create a wallet with the Chrome extension using this link:

For those who pre-register, #BetTronLive is offering you the chance to bag the 1ST PRIZE of 2,000,000 TRX as a thank you for being an early adopter. POWER PICK DRAW is the biggest TRX giveaway ever and we are giving every users not only 1 but 2 chances of winning one of the 3 prizes. Yes, you read it right. Every one is allowed to register 2 TRON addresses per 1 IP.

POWER PICK DRAW will be open for registration until the time of launch. Once the platform is launched, pre-registration will be closed but TRON wallet registration will remain open for regular platform registration. Time is of the essence as we are soon to launch, so hurry and visit our website to register.

POWER-PICK-DRAW-prizes (2).png


  • Create your wallet here:
  • Visit our website:
  • Enter your TRON address on the box provided and click REGISTER.
  • You will see a note that you have succesfully registered before you get redirected to our telegram where we encourage you to join for more updates.
  • Drawing will take place 10 days after the BetTronLive casino launches.
  • Three random winners will be picked from all participants.
  • If a participant registered more than 2 addresses, only the first 2 registered wallet will be accepted,
  • The prize will be issued directly into the winner’s wallet.


There will be 3 winners who will be randomly picked to win the following prizes:

1st Place — 2,000,000 TRX

2nd Place — 1,000,000 TRX

3rd Place — 500,000 TRX

We will be launching soon, so hurry and pre-register now to join the BettronLive POWER PICK DRAW!

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This is great!!! God Bless

OMG the more I explore this platform the more I discover how awesome their incentive programs are. I have already entered my entry. Good luck to everyone that has entered.

indeed a very big and generous way of giving to the community. am lucky i got the chance to have an entry. goodluck to all

This is just freaking awesome the biggest single reward so far.

It is awesome giveaway. How I wish I'm one of the winners. Goodluck to everyone

I have joined this and hoping to win. So far this has the biggest reward.

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I am excited to start playing here on bettronlive. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I would win one of the major prizes! Good luck to everyone!