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#BetTronLive gaming technology protocol leverages the transparency, security, speed, and efficiency of the TRON network blockchain to power a unique iGaming ecosystem with live dealer games and opportunities for earning revenue from advertising. The platform has been built to effortlessly implement the live dealer experience of online casinos in a decentralized environment.

The #TRON network is currently the top blockchain network. As it is primarily focused on entertainment and gaming products, it is well-suited for decentralized gaming platforms like BetTronlive to deliver a new generation of live dealer casino platforms that are more modern and engaging for players.

For consistency, BetTronLive uses TRX as the standard currency for all betting games. This way, everyone is playing with the same currency — TRX and our native token, #RAKE. TRX is listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges for purchase if players don’t already have it.


BetTronLive has chosen TronLink wallet with the Chrome extension as the third-party wallet. It is very easy, fast and convenient to use. Being a TRC-20 token, RAKE is well supported by TronLink. Through blockchain technology, we are guaranteed safety, comfort, simplicity of use, and decentralization.


#TRX tokens cannot be mined but can be obtained on other exchanges and deposited to users’ respective wallets on BetTronLive.

To deposit TRX on the BetTronLive platform, players need to add their TronLink wallet addresses to the system. A pop-up confirmation request notice will ask you to accept the BetTronLive app and add it to your DApp whitelist. Once accepted and updated, players can send TRX to their TronLink wallet address linked to the BetTronLive blockchain wallet and the balance will be updated accordingly. BetTronLive’s system tracks the TRX transactions and updates the account balance automatically.



For withdrawal, users need to make a withdrawal request and the BetTronLive casino will execute the transfer from the blockchain wallet to the user’s wallet automatically.



There is technically no deposit or withdrawal on BetTronLive. The BetTronLive platform uses the intuitive TronLink web browser plugin, which is a trusted third-party web browser extension verified by the Tron team. This way, you never have to worry about BTL stealing your funds or your private key because everything is completed through TronLink. You can download TronLink to Chrome, iPhone, or Android here: TronLink

Then, you’ll need to create a TRX wallet on TronLink. Once done, you’ll deposit your TRX to your TronLink wallet to start betting and playing.

plug-play-banner (2).png

Once you deposit to TronLink, all you need to do is load the BetTronLive platform and the BetTronLive code will automatically detect TronLink. When you select any of the BetTronLive functions, TronLink will ask you to confirm it. Once you confirm, you are locked and loaded and ready to go.

Now that we have launched, BetTronLive is offering early players the DOUBLE RAKE MINING for ONLY 48 hours. So, take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

Don’t let the Lambo Dice limited offer of doubling your RAKE run away and leave you behind!

Start your engine, and play Lambo Dice with BetTronLive.

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Congratulations #BetTronLive for the successful launching. Looking forward for more games to load, so as to earn more $RAKE ☺

awesome project, best online casino!

congratulations on your successful launch , to the whole team. these features tell it all. @bettronlive is indeed the online casino for you. glad to be part of this project and can't wait for more surprises coming ..

congratulations Betttonlive for the success of your Launch, i knew from the very beginning that this is the best online live cassino that will certainly put up transparency and will let players earn and play with abundant rewards, all the best, can't wait for more...

Nice features of games with great rewards to those participants.

This is awesone. Congrats for the launching.

Congrats. Please deliver more fun games and betting

Finally I was able to use the platform and I must say things are really looking good!

Woahh Congrats! Im sure this online live casino will be more successful, it's just the beginning. When it will be more visible to steemians or even nonsteemians who loves this kind of game booom!

It is not my luck yet as the official page could not be found here in Saudi Arabia.

Cheers and good luck everyone, Bless You!

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There are so much good stuff in going in BetTronLive that I cannot begin to imagine which one I should highlight. I have been meaning to write an article about this wonderful platform but it so feature filled that I just don't know how to begin. All of it is just wonderful. The site beautifully built, the games are fun, exciting and engaging, featuring all the best features available on blockchain-powered online gaming , innovative platform interaction through live video feeds, awesome tech support and very generous incentives and rewards for loyal users. What can you ask for more?

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Congratulations #bettronlive for the success of this project. I will continue to support the platform , more games more earnings!!!

Congratulation for the launch

Glad to be part of this well planned and well organized project. Awesome team....

Congratulations on the launching! More success and we are just all here to support and try this awesome program! I love how the Deposit, the Withdrawal and the Plug&Play was explained thoroughly.

Keeping my fingers crossed to win some jackpot as I play! The best experience a player would experience is to still earn some tokens unknowingly while I just enjoy playing in the uber-excellent gaming interface!

Is there any fee for the withdrawal form the platform to our wallets?

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Very nice move to be based on Tron rather than eth

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