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sports_betting.jpgit may be advisable to advise a bettor who has a bet on one or more betting companies and has a certain size and frequency of betting, and this is recommended. The first thing to know is the bettor who decides to manage his / her box; the cash management will slow both the gains and the losses. the case management layouts and slows down.

it is not advisable to create a safe deposit box and to supervise the cashier in any way if the bettor is satisfied with the winnings from his current position and determines the amount he will keep his bets according to his current position, because there is no need to change your situation in the minority that is already able to make money with the baht. I have friends with whom I know so well. they do not have any case management, they do not deal with stakes and do not buy. but when they take a bet, they allocate 3-4 gambling preferences for the current moment, and they wait for the end by making a purchase. I have never been a successful player of this kind.

the choice of betting with the cash management and the amount to bet on the bet is to keep the sentiment off as much as possible. the ones written after this point will be aimed at the bettor who is returning from a point that does not make a serious profit in the current situation, or who is constantly hurt. we can not propose that a bettor who earns on a regular and regular basis should lower his fortune by making the case management. If you are a stakeholder like this, you have to say from the beginning that the ones written after this do not appeal to you.

it is very easy for you to find out how much money you have been wagering in the last period on a monthly and yearly basis and how much of it has been returned from your bank records. if the table you see here is against you, and this flow of money is forcing your budget, and it is time for you to direct an important amount of your chest and to stop the flow of money to it. we can explain what needs to be done during this decision stage in the following subheadings.

1 - decide on a size-safe:

The first thing a bettor who decides to manage his / her room is to determine what the size of the room should be. it will be difficult and troublesome to manage the casings determined below or above the budget. the important thing here is clarifying the amount we can separate and divide. I will not be sorry when I lose this amount for me, but it must be an amount that will allow me to stay with the bet for a long time. all of us have different budgets and monthly incomes. so it would be wrong to give a clear figure. for a student will be different for an employee who has a different, monthly regular income, salary, starting base. you can base this amount on the amount you spend on a monthly or two-month bet. there may be 200 pounds for every bettor who will bet 50 pounds for each week. Because you have 200 liras of money you have lost to bet for 1 month.

2- stake determination:

the most important part of the safe management is the stake. that is, the preferred bet is how much money is to be invested, and the number of prizes for that bet is determined in advance. it is a great advantage for the bettor that we know how long we will be able to lie down before we think of buying. inspecting bets and matches, finding suitable bets is already time consuming, time-consuming and critical. and stake formation is at least as important as these, so we will have lifted the risk of uncertainty here. there are 2 stake detection methods, which are the confidence level and fixed stake that we can apply here.

stake according to the level of confidence: the bettor has the intention of betting on every game, always within the nature of necessity. because we have a mind in our minds for more or less every match. so many leagues, teams and organizations follow the bettor who deals with this work. sports and betting are practically internal to us. but we do not have the chance to follow all the leagues we follow and at the same time, to dominate the players. Some of us are good football league in Turkey, some of us in volleyball, some of us are good at baseball. For some of us NBA is a passion, tennis is indispensable. examples can be multiplied, european soccer, european basketball, turkey basketball league, there are many sports such as American football or hockey leagues. there are many who follow and love and dominate. but it is very difficult, perhaps impossible, to follow and follow all around. turkey football very well and is a bahissev following the very successful weekends only does the turkey betting leagues. on weekdays for European basketball, for nights at NBA, or for tennis matches. it is true for all of us. we are the best bet outside the league because we can not just wait for the weekend. we want to bet every day, we see the time without the wager as lost.

confidence grade stake can therefore be preferred. we will get the league from the best we have, and getting more bets will increase our success even further. even in the league where we are the best, there may be choices that we are more secure or less secure. There are even big differences between winning a team and winning a team. investing more in our safety than these preferences will positively affect the course of our castle in the long run.

my recommendation is to determine a maximum of 5 degrees when determining the confidence ratings. three are main grades and the other two are top and bottom grades. The main ratings are the low-medium-high ratings to be used for our guaranteed bets. more confidence levels confuse and can lead to out of order. confidence ratings will be on time. you will see that it will become even easier in the future when you check and check on the trustworthiness of your winning and losing bets from time to time and you will relax in practice.

fixed stake: there is no such problem as to think how much money will bet on the betting preferred by the bettor who prefers this management and to spare time for it. he may spend all his time betting to find and find a bet. how many pounds he will bet. every winner will have an equal effect on the betting and every lost betting. he will also be affected psychologically equally from every loss and gain.

there are two important points that the bettor who prefers this method should pay attention to. the first should be careful to keep rates within a certain range. it is best if the bets taken are between 1,80-2,10 but lower and higher ratios can damage the muscle in the long run. the second is that he will not be able to take advantage of the league if his success in the elections will be more prevalent than if he has overcome the success in other leagues. we can think that the stakeholder who applies the stake does not take a look at bets that are less reliable than just getting safe bets.

3- Determination of the percentage of stakes:

An important point to be determined after the stake method is decided is to determine the stake percentage. Determining the low or high percentage based on the size of the frame will bring the cash management to market. this percentage will help you to determine the amount that will not upset you if you lose the bet you received.

If you lose 200 liras, you will not regret it until you have lost your bet. For example, if I was 200 lira for a bar, I would stake for 5-10 lira. the more you can get, the more damage it will do to the muscle psychologically. you will keep this percentage around 5-10, taking into account how much you have wagered per day, week and month. roughly equivalent to the size of the car so that you can bet 20 at the same time. but lower percentages should be determined on larger cans.

2% to 5% range for fixed stake, stakes distributed starting from 1% to 10% or even 20% within confidence level stake should be preferred. in larger quantities, these percentages should be lower. My recommendation is to apply 5% for constant stake in normal large cans. In the case of a trust grade stake application, the percentages of trusts between the lowest confidence of 1% and the highest confidence of 10% should be distributed.

4- betting frequency and variety:

there are hundreds or even thousands of sports events all over the world in one day. you see the number of open bets when we enter the sports betting page of the betting bureaux. there are around 3.000-4.000 at any moment and around 10.000 open bets at weekends according to the betting bureau.

we have the chance to bet at any time of day. it will be useful for us to narrow our betting and betting types to avoid getting lost in such a wide choice. we should aim to save both time and increase success by focusing more on the leagues that you are better followed.

if we consider that there are fewer matches for the week and more matches for the week, it will be more accurate to have the weekly minimum wager and prepare for the weekends. favorite leagues, organizations may vary from person to person. American sports such as NBA and baseball that match every night can be your favorite. or on weekdays, such as champions league, european league, euroleague and eurocup.

national leagues played weekends can be placed in the first place of betting. you may even be interested in all of them. To avoid being overwhelmed by so many bets, you can check out the whole program at the beginning of the week and make a mini-list of your own leagues. so you have the opportunity to investigate and examine your bets in a controlled way by predicting the issues that are taking place during this week.

what's the game today? what matches can I bet after this match? and you can give all your concentration to find the right bet. It is important to remember that getting the right bet, winning the bet is one of the most important factors on the road to success. The difference between taking 2-3 bets within a day and taking 5-10 bets is absolutely the difference. For every organization we follow, each league does not have to make an equal number of bets every week. not the number of bets we receive, but the right choices we make will lead us to success.

5 - choice of bet and wait for bet:

the more time you spend choosing a bet for an encounter, the more likely you are to decide which bet to take, how long you are so close to being lost. the bet to win will show itself at first glance. even before you find him and find him. you can spend time deciding how much you will get to make sure of that choice, but if you are undecided between under / over you will benefit from giving up this bet.

when choosing your bet, it will be easier to win our bet to wait for the option that shows itself instead of thinking whether it will be over or if it will be over and if you can make an idea about whether that option will be realized or not. we need to look at the upcoming programs of the leagues that we can better follow, the leagues we can watch, and concentrate on those matches. we do not have to bet a certain number of times every day. we need to wait for weekends or weekly leagues to be successful.

or if you do not have to buy bets in style. in this stage the following points will be important on the road to success. we have to remember that we can succeed in the bet with our selected bets. we need more won to increase the win percentage of our bets. and getting the right bet will increase this won count.

standard: you should try to place your bets in a certain standard. too many leagues and match success. Trying to make too many bets in the same way also has a negative effect. you can determine which leagues and which betting types you are good at and give them weight.

you can be good at bets like 0.5 goals over the first half. or you can be more successful in betting the most popular match winner, double chance and total goals. knowing yourself and continuing on the best bets will make it easier for you to make better choices.

follow up: the less you follow the less you will be so successful. you can easily follow the teams of that league. rather than looking for teams with low form, you know it better by living in those leagues and those teams.

you can get a big team following in the last 2 games losing points. or believe that a middle-ranked team will score a goal in the next away-away game, who can not score a goal in 3 away-games, and you can check it directly in the program. the other important point is the importance of the next matches of the teams, which can provide the effect of the current game by better following the leagues. you might think that a weak team that will play with Barcelona next week will pay more attention to that week's game.

even tofas ​​lost the game on the field this week thinking that the game will increase the number of weeks to play the game will increase the week may even want to lose this week, you can try to create even the betting portfolio of the next week. but you can provide all of these with good tracking. it is necessary to keep the number of league that is followed as well as possible for good follow-up.

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