Loyalty program for betting bloggers for July. Up to 10,000 SCR per match prediction

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Loyalty Program Update and 10,000 SCR Prize

I am going to tell you about the loyalty program updated that we prepared for July.

For each well-written prediction for a sporting event (you can choose yourself) you will receive 20 SCR in addition to direct earnings for publication.

If the prediction is successful, and its rate will be at least 1.6, then you will receive another 20 SCR (in total - 40).

On a basis of the month results we will draw a lottery in which we'll raffle off big prize — up to 10,000 SCR. The “entrance ticket” to the lottery will be each correctly made prediction. The prize will be calculated according to the formula: ‘number of tickets * 25 SCR’, but cannot exceed 10,000.

Take part — https://scorum.com/en-us/betting/@alextazy/loyalty-program-for-betting-bloggers-for-july-up-to-10-000-scr-per-match-prediction

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