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I don't understand how I used the bots wrong? I didn't have the Steem in my account when I made the posts but when I got it, I made all the bids at the same time. Should I have spaced it out? Please advise so I don't waste any more money, Thank you


Not sure where the confusion lies @sazerac. You ask …

”I don't understand how I used the bots wrong?”

… and so that may be the issue, as there is really no right way to use these bidbots, except perhaps for an occasional promotion. But, in that case, you would have to decline payout or burn it and clearly spell that out in your post. Otherwise you might still find unwelcome attention drawn to your post(s) ...

You are, of course, free to do as you wish. But … It will not be viewed favorably by many, including myself. You are effectively buying yourself a reward, with no effort being expended to earn it. While that has gone on for a long time, particularly amongst some of the largest stakeholders, the EIP changes of HF 21 / 22 provided a mechanism to (heavily) discourage that – downvotes to reduce / eliminate purchased upvotes … Along with that, your reputation will be reduced, if those of higher reputation are doing the downvoting ...

As with any of us, the route to obtaining support for your work is through engagement with others. Full stop. Period. There are many communities on our Steem blockchain. It would be in your best interest to find one or more which appeal to you and join in their efforts to build up the effort of others collectively.

Please note these downvotes are not personal, as I do not know you. I bear you no ill will. If there are still questions, I will do what I (reasonably) can to clarify further.

I hope this helps.

If you go back and read your reply, none of it enables growth. I get what you and the community wants, your cake and to eat it too; you want quality content from quality people, for free. The real world pays those people to produce XYZ, elsewhere, not here. The community you're enabling is forgetting that people respond to incentives. Econ 101. Good luck.

We agree on this @sazerac ...

"The real world pays those people to produce ..."

... so not sure then how you arrive at the conclusion you should pay yourself!? This fundamental issue associated with your choices has nothing to do with "Econ 101" ...

I could write more, but I don't think you are interested in "listening," so ... As you say, "Good luck."

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