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RE: Free Sportsbetting Picks 12/28/2017

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I get my plays from professionals I follow. I spend time reviewing all of their plays before I post it though to see if I find value in it. I spend some time at work browsing forums and other places to gather information on edges in certain matchups. I've been doing this for over a year and have been profitable over a thousand bets (averaging like 3-5 a day).

Had some tough beats yesterday but I try not to let emotion get the best of me. It sucks that it happened right when I was getting some more views on my posts but I'm still profitable since I started posting here. Sometimes it's a slow grind!


lol It's always the way. As soon as you start sharing your wins....

The emotional component is what separates the men from the boys. Get your money in good and accept that you're going to lose when the action goes against you. Just move on to the next bet.

Good stuff, man!

Thanks! I might take a few days off just so I know I'm not playing tilted. I don't want to chase losses by making some questionable plays.

Do you have any idea when the sportsteem tracker is coming back or have they mentioned it? I might wait a couple days until they get that back so I don't have to keep tracking my own bets manually for Steemit haha. I have my own sheet for my own bets (it's basically identical to the sheet I have here except it has a few other things on it including small gambling plays for fun) and it's been a pain having to update both everyday

Just this morning it updated last week's NFL plays so I'm hoping this means all has been resolved. Check my blog to see that it has updated.

Got it, thanks!

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