Better life with steem | 4th of October | Beauty of any relationship depends on trust and understanding-Sunita Dutta.

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(Spent some memorable moments)

Dear friends,
How are you all? I hope you all are well and doing great. Sometimes spending moments with your lovable persons makes that event memorable for a lifetime.

It is not how much we have done financially for them;
but how much we understand each other that matters.

Often we realize our relationships when we lose them. I also have some bitter experiences when I lose my close relationships before time.

But now, I do not want to make the same mistake again.

Tomorrow, 5th October is Sampa Biswas's birthday. So, today I decided to spend some moments with her.

We didn't know which would be our last moments with each other. Because last month I couldn't get a chance to wish birthday for another lovable person because of some misunderstandings.

If people before judging, or I would say before making any decision, could think about some points logically;
then many valuable relationships can be saved from breaking up.

My relationship with Sampa Biswas is based on trust and understanding.

It is not that I like everything she does or she likes everything I do, but we have a clear opinion about it that we never hide from each other.

Our choices may be different, but we never judge each other with other's verdicts.



(Small gift from my side for her birthday)

Anyway, today we spent some fabulous moments together.

Of my limited endowment, I gifted her some dresses, and she gave me her birthday treat.

Things will destroy one day, but the time we spent together is priceless.

We were basically three musketeers, and today we both were missing our third partner.

I don't know whether our misunderstanding will be solved or not, but we both wishes;
the situation will be as rational as it was before.

Our relationship may have survived because we acknowledged one point;
that is we didn't build or destroy any attachment for any interest or self-satisfaction.



(Birthday treat given by @sampabiswas)

Today we visited Reliance mall because Sampa needed to exchange a dress for her sister-in-law.

But as the dress already exchanged once;
as per their policy, they can't exchange the same dress twice.

I bought two dresses from them, and while standing in the billing section. A girl recognized me;
because the last time we three musketeers visited there she remembered all of us. Then I asked her about the problem with the dress we wanted to exchange.

After that she managed and helps, us to exchange the dress going out of the box.

She told me that she remembered me, and today she helped us because of my behavior.

I asked sampa to stand inside the mall and went out and bought a bar of chocolate for that girl.

She replied! You spent it on my cooperation. Then I said , "No that is my Gratitude and love for you."

That is the definition of selfless love when people remember us for no reason but our behavior.

Simultaneously, I giggled out loud when I heard people spread some ill-logical rumors about me.

Though they didn't have any proof;
but they enjoy spreading several rumors to fulfill their self aspirations.

Anyway, in our regular life, we deal with several people;
some give us memories, and some make lessons for ourselves.

People often talk about those things for others that they follow themselves.

But I least bother to react to all those lies;
because I know about myself, and I am clear about my own actions towards others and I also believe almighty noticed everyone's actions.

That was my day and experience for today. Stay happy and healthy.



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