Better life with steem| 30th September | Physical growth is natural with time, but mental germination need a healthy environment- Sunita Dutta

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(We must grow mentally as well as physically)


Dear friends,
I hope you all are well physically and mentally.

You all may think that is why I am asking that question! Because with time, we all become mature physically. We were born as a child and after that;
with time we grow up, and one day we become older.

And one day, we leave this earth. But apart from physical growth, we also become mature mentally with time.

Here is a bit of a difference between each person. We have often seen that in our society, several criminal activities are done by a few people.

Some become successful with time;
some couldn't do anything after achieving degrees, and some became mental patients, etc.

Why do these differences happen when we all come to this earth in the same process that nature provided.

I found in every case a common thing;
that makes every person separate from others, and that is the environment.

The environment has a vast impact on a child's growth. The future of a child and mental adulthood depends on the background;
that child is getting from the beginning.



(A tree can grow naturally but it blossom with flowers only when get proper care)

Let me share with you a real story that I experienced while working as a social worker.

A lady with whom I got a chance to speak during my work for a long time.

She was talking with me commonly, and I didn't get any hint the first time;
that she was going through mental trauma.

She was also doing a government job and talking like every ordinary person, talking with each other. But after a few days, I realized some different activities in her behavior.

I couldn't give importance to starting, but later she apologized to me and started telling me her story.
She informed that he went for a mental session as she is going through mental depression.

And then she told me her story that she has a close friend and after her marriage, they also keep in touch.

But in an accident, that friend passed away. She couldn't take that incident and often started to think about that friend.

For that reason, she missed taking proper care of her daughter.
Then her husband started accusing her, and she started harming herself physically.

They had a love marriage, and in-laws didn't accept their marriage gladly.

As she was doing a government job, she bought a flat and spent money for EMI.

One day her husband asked her for divorce and claimed her daughter.

Her husband showed the cause of her mental condition in front of the court;
and the daughter also wanted to stay with father, so she became all alone.

The flat was taken with the name of her daughter, so she is still paying EMI. But now she is staying in a rented small house with two to three pieces of furniture.

Even her daughter called her only when she required anything from her mother.

Now she is taking sessions from psychologists and has improved a lot, but somehow she still has some despondency work for her daughter.

Sometimes we need someone who can understand our mental hollowness so that we can't take any step that may change our future badly.



(Let's take a pledge to give our children a healthy atmosphere)


Simultaneously, many children couldn't get a healthy environment from their childhood;
and often we can see teenagers take some steps to destroy their future badly.

Now it becomes imperative for us to look into our children's mental growth.

Apart from our busy schedule, we must observe the activities of our children;
and also try to give them a healthy atmosphere at home.

After a certain age, we need to become friends with our children so that they aren't frightened to share everything with their parents.

Often parents think that taking responsibility for their children means only completing their education, but that is not correct.

Because after achieving degrees when they didn't get a proper job;
that time they want moral and mental support from their parents.

Several times parents compare their children with successful people. Sometimes with frustration, and many getting involved with unlawful activities.

I know some real stories, where an educated person murdered;
six people including two wives, two friends, and some other people.

Only because he became frustrated with Poverty and humiliation from his family.

Before judging, we need to understand the people, and we also need to change our activities towards the next generation.

That was my thought for the day. Stay healthy and happy.




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