Better life with steem| 28th September | The diary game|Pride of wealth destroys wealth|Pride of strength destroys the strength |And in the same manner pride of knowledge destroys knowledge- Sam Veda

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(Keep the place of humanity instead of wealth in your heart)


Dear friends,
How are you all? I hope you all are fine. Today I experienced a mixed day.

Before discussing the thought I chose today, let me tell you why I am telling you that today is a mixed day for me.

Because today I faced sweet and sour experiences during the day. I stay on the third floor;
and from today morning my apartment water pump damaged.

So from morning till night, I am managing myself without water.

Today the above lines of sam Veda came to my mind;
when in the late evening, I asked an aunt who stays on the second floor.

What exactly happened with the machine. Then, aunt replied that a person in our apartment didn't inform anyone that the water pump was not working.

The switch of the pump machine is near to his room, and aunt suspecting that somehow they switch on but forget to switch off.

Though that person called a plumber but didn't ask for a substitute machine until the damaged one was repaired;
and for that reason, everyone in my apartment suffered from water the entire day.

Anyway, as the family of that person has another flat in another apartment near this apartment;
so they found a solution to shifted themselves to that flat.

And I also heard that they replied when aunt son asked them about the substitute machine, but the plumber replied aunt son to buy a new machine.

Anyway, I always believe we need each other to live a healthy life.

We didn't know when and how we needed the help of our neighbors, friends, and other people.

Wealth can bring us many things;
but to win other's hearts, we need to perform selflessly.

Pride of wealth is the most flagitious act. Those who are wealthy people;
often think that people envy that is why they give several lectures, but that is not correct.

Several examples we can found in history that covetousness, arrogance, selfish mentality destroyed many who were once opulent people.

We can gather a crowd by spending money but can't win hearts. People
will vanish once we lose that wealth;
but if when we won hearts, that remains the same even after our demise.

Lastly would say, Pride of wealth destroys wealth;
Pride of strength destroys the strength;
And in the same manner, pride in knowledge destroys knowledge.



(The sky never show Pride of its height)

Today the best part was I spent my time with the man I admire, love, and respect the most.

So, on the other hand, my day was full of happiness. I learned many things from my loved ones.

And I always shared every situation to understand the decisions I took were right or wrong!
And the way he explained every situation for that, I respect him a lot.

Thank God! I am clear with my conscience and for a few people who are crucial for my life.

I always look for feedback and asked them to provide the same without nepotism.

And they do the same, which helps me to improve myself to be a better person.

I often asked then should I need to change myself?

Because of my straightforward nature and often speaking the truth without thinking about their consequences;
I lost many things that could make me more successful.

But they love me because of that nature;
so I would be the same as the way I am right now, else I may have lost my inner being.

That was my thought and day. Stay happy and healthy.




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