Better Life With Steem ---The Diary Game---11---03---2021.Power Full Day Of lord Shiva ...... Shivaratri

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Good Morning Friends

Hello Steemians how are you all myself Prachi Singh and this is my 16th diary entry

Today I woke up at 6 o'clock and then i brushed my teeth and washed my face and then i used my phone and it i went for a shower. After it, my mother told me for went to the i dressed up then we went to the temple together and took about 20 minutes to reached. In the way we purchased offerings and some flowers for the god.

Photo of god Shiva with full offerings

After reaching there, firstly we washed our hands and then entered. We worshiped of god shiva as we do. Yesterday because of festival Shivaratri there were rush in the temple.
After it, we back to home within 2 hours.
After it , i took rest for a while then i went in the kitchen and prepared something for fast.
And i took about 20 minutes to prepared

Breakfast in fast

Then i used my phone and scrolled some news feed on instagram and then i saw my serial Ghum Hai kisi Ke Pyaar Me and i also saw 2 episodes of serial Anupama.

In the meantime i felt asleep so i slept for a while and when I woke up i saw that my aunt came to my home so that firstly i washed my face and then i prepared tea for her. In the meantime my cousin came too . So i prepared tea for all the family members.

I prepared tea for guest and served with biscuits

After having tea we all went to the terrace and we all talked to each other in the meantime my neighbour also came to my terrace so that we all enjoyed and listened the songs . after a while my father came so that i prepared Banana sake for all and served . When all the guest back to their house i went in my room and study for a while

I studied for some time and i solved some arithmetic questions related to time and distance

After it me and my neighbour we all went to the temple and again worshiped there and in the temple women were sang the songs and danced. Firstly i worshiped god and then enjoyed the company. After sometime we back to home

After it i chopped the fruits in the food and served to all then i used my phone in the meantime i felt asleep so i sat alarm for morning and slept.

Good Night Steemians


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