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Hello everyone, as per my daily routine, i woke up today at about 8 am and had done yoga and exercises and since today is eid so there was a holiday of my classes.Eid is the most holy festival of muslims as it came after 30 days of long fasting. Still one of our professors took the class, so we all students decided to do the mass bunk as the academic calendar should be followed, but it didn't work. As the summer is increasing day by day and we need to protect ourselves from falling ill, so noone in my home put water in refrigerator so my mom asked me to buy a mud made matka to store water as it is good for our health to drink that water. So i went to market to buy one, it costs me 100rs .After coming home i took bathe and spent some time on social media and then had my lunch.I also wished many of my friends with eid mubarak and then took a nap, after awaking , i started searching for the best designing tablet as i am going to buy one in few days. It will help me a lot in my designing works.
After that i went to roof and i saw a fruit vendor was selling mangoes, so i bought 1 kg mangoes from him and only after proper washing and leaving in water for 1 hour we eat them, they were so delicious.i did my dinner afterwards and now i am working on some academic works.

Good night

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