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It's been a year since the split of steem community and I still remember vividly those days it was intense and I feel thrilled at the same time.. Looking back from this present day, I feel grateful and I feel like I'm living my dream. Actually, I did write on my Instagram profile back then that I'm a Steem Ambassador just for fun, never thought that it will be realized 😆 Never in my mind back then that I will be building a community on Steemit. Never before I ever dreamt of doing something for this community, something that useful and helpful. Back in those days, I only think of how can I maximize my return on investment on Steem token that I bought from the exchange and never thinking of build something in this community. I did join some community here and there but I never feel fit in. I was just doing my own stuff and looking for networking with the like-minded people in here. The community split did make me grow rapidly on steem.. Never I feel back then that I'm responsible for the things happening here. Never did I ever feel that I must help in buidling communities in here so they thrive and sustainable. Steem community is like my other child that I have to nurture and grow and it makes me grow as a person too as how my own child did to me. This community made me feel like a mother, not a selfish teenager as before. Thank you steem community, you make me grow as a person, teaching me how life is not just about myself and my family, it is about giving, inspire and making an impact on other people's life no matter how small or big it is. Thank you to whoever that been supporting me throughout my journey in steem. Thank you for making me grow into a better human than I am yesteryear. Thank you for making me feel like I have found a home.. Thank you for making me feel like I have a life purpose that not just revolve around the betterment of myself but extended to betterment of humanity 🤗


Awww.. that's so so touchy, you are giving your precious time to this platform, in return, the success, love , and respect you are getting are all due to your own efforts.
It's been a month to me on this platform, and believe me I have found you so graceful, so down to earth, so polite and cooperating . from the day one, I am so inspired by you and really respects you a lot, and that's a truth.
Lots of love and prayers from heart to you , the most beautiful personality I have found here 🤗🤗

@attiyaasghar I have no idea that I have affected you in such a beautiful way. I'm glad to know that I've been doing something useful for the community here. I wish you the best on your Steem journey too 🤗

Thank you so much beautiful ❤️😍🥰 means a lot to me

Hello @cryptokannon your words in this post are really inspiring.
Your sentence made me respecting u

“steemit community is my other child to grow”

This is height of affiliation and spirit.
❤️❤️ love that


I was writing this from heart, maybe that's why it's giving that impact to others.. yes, I really feel like that, steemit community is like my another own child to grow 😅

With this spirit every success is your destiny.

I am a associate professor in a university. I will quote your words in my class.
Much inspired by your words @cryptokannon

heLo mam how are you. I am continuously working for steemit community.i have the resolution to join it forever til my life and want to approve my community.can u help me in this way?

Hello dear @cryptokannon, please i have been looking for how to have a direct chat with you.

I need help as i can't find my feet in the platform anymore. I lost contact with the person that introduced me to Steemit. After assisting me complete Achievement 1 about two months ago i have been looking for how to proceed to achievement 2, hence this text.

Please, i'll appreciate your kind guidance or better still mentorship.

Hoping to hear from you soon

Best regards

Thank you so much @cryptokannon your vote is very much courageous for me.
Feeling honoured with your vote.
Thank you so much.

Spirit of Steem is here to evolve just like Phoenix from ash
Hive never gave me fork coins and to many others , hard fork coins My hive wallet was zeroed by hive team after hard fork . I invested my own funds to purchase more than 150,000 steem long before split as many investors did.

However I never gave up believing in Steem
I value your spirit
#steempay community supports you

Hi @flysky I just noticed your comment. I'm sorry about your situation. I hope you will get back what you have "lost" on the hive in here. Thank you for believing in Steem 😀

Wow that's so great @cryptokannon... actually you are my motivation and you give me more courage going forward.. though I'm still new here but I'm very happy I meet you.. I'm so proud of you and your work.. Thanks for the courage to move forward...also to @steemchiller

Hi @abiayiikechukwu nice to meet you too! Keep on going strong and I would like to share this great article with you [ENG - ESP] How to be successful on Steemit? / Cómo ser exitoso/a en Steemit? I hope it will help you what to expect on Steemit

Thank you your help @cryptokannon.. I want to be a great steemian like you..

Most of the contents I come in contact with, I see @cryptokannon being mentioned. I took time to do little research and I found out that patience, selflessness and trust pays off big time. I'm motivated beyond words. Thanks for being there for this great community. I won't fail to mention you when I'll be fully back in a couple of days. Great one steemit.

you're kind. I'm glad you are motivated to be back on track with steemit 😃

Thank once again

That's a touching piece. Hoping that someday, I'll also be afforded the opportunity to be on the front-line in building other communities

I am also happy with the success that you have achieved so far. Of course all of that requires a very tough struggle, but nothing is in vain as long as we are willing to fight and keep trying to achieve what we want. I hope that someday I can also be successful like you. Congratulations @cryptokannon

Thank you for your kind words. I don't think I'm that successful enough yet, I'm still work in progress but what I'm sure about is I'm much in a better position than last year and much better as a person than I am from the last year too.. I wish you all the best and good luck!

Yes, I can see that you are more successful than before, which is amazing in my opinion. Compared to me, I still have a very long way to go to be able to achieve success. But I'm still passionate about being able to achieve like you

It would be bery helpful @steemchiller. And thank you for this info @cryptokannon


Waiting for the day for Crypto to be legal in Nepal so that I can openly talk about Steemit everywhere. Hopefully someday, I'll also be able to reach your heights in Steemit. :)

crypto changes people's lives in a lot of ways, I hope you will find a way to spread about crypto in your country soon.

Hopefully. :)

Your comment is really interesting. Why are they illegal?

I am not sure @jesuszoliz as to why it's illegal. The government is yet to recognize digital currency. Also probably because the government has no such mechanism as such. There was a trade link some three years back and the government forced it to shut down. With the global market space accepting crypto, we are hopeful that our government will make it legal soon.

I hope this is the case and that you will soon be able to use cryptos. Have a nice day!

Greater taught dear with steemit community. Thanks for sharing @cryptokannon

Hi @cryptokannon really this is good platform for us

Sometimes changes are necessary to make way for great opportunities that appear in our lives! It is good to know that steemit changed your life and helped you improve, that motivates me to continue growing in steemit!

yes, steemit changes my life a lot in a better way of course..

Buenas noches buen post excelente contenido

Oh God. I'm so proud of you. You really did well. No, you are doing well. Keep striving my dear.

I'll look up to you and will do my best too. Thanks for all the moral support. Finally got the little vacation I'm waiting for. Though at the expense of losing my laptop for a little while.

I'll try whip up something fast from my hp. Wish me luck. Lol 😂😆

hey, welcome back! You must be very busy. I hope to see your post at steeming community soon and join us becoming steemingzen too. 😊 may the force of luck be with you 🍀

Done! Now I'm off to bed. 🤣🤣

It is beautiful what you say. I feel identified with this. Thank you for this post!

Nice post for steemit .Its very help post.

Steemit community is very good. In which everyone helps together. It is very beautiful. In which dreams are coming true.

Yes, I agree, Steemit can make our dreams come true! They're god on earth 😇

Your post is very nice, I like it very much. I can say that I am a strict follower of your work at Steemit. Although I am just starting, I have no difficulty in using and learning "steemit" thanks to your posts. Thank you for contributing to me with your posts. I wish you continued success. @cryptokannon

Give me some advice so I can be as successful as you. @cryptokonnon

@cryptokannon nice story and so beautifull baby...MashAllah...🥰🥰🥰

Hi welcome to Steemit! I have check your account and verify it. The curator will upvote your post shortly. Hope you will enjoy your journey in here.

Thanks for response

I can't understand curators note rate 2 means can u please explain me

Advice to be successful like @cryptokannon please 🙏

Hi @isaiahfriday I'm not that successful yet just in a better position than before. I think this post will help you setting your mindset and what to expect on Steemit [ENG - ESP] How to be successful on Steemit? / Cómo ser exitoso/a en Steemit?

With beautiful descriptions, the expressions are flickering in my eyes. I let you know about my new community.
I would like to pay tribute to the elders like you and want to know something.

a very great read, been in the steemit community sicne last week, I feel amazing, keep going!
can you please look into my achievement 1 post? regards

Nice great that you enjoy it here.

I’m glad ma’am 🙂

Am extremely excited to hear this , this means that your success is in your hand , also you had the vision of becoming steem Embassador and you worked towards it. I strongly believe that your success today depends is as a result of your hard work, so keep it up @cryptokannon

I am a beginner and I am also joining different communities. Trying to figure out how does it work and which community I should post on. Everything is really confusing. But after reading your story, now I am feeling like I am not the only one who has gone through this stage. Hopefully one day I can reach somewhere and be someone like you who can contribute in this platform. It's a great motivational story. Thanks.

Wow,Beautiful children

@cryptokannon Hello mam. I have sent you a message in your discord. Can you please check it?

hello excellent

Please verify my account

Congratulations! All that you have accomplished is remarkable, and the Steem ecosystem would not be the same without all that you do. Thank you for everything!

Hi @cmp2020 thank you for your kind words. The new Steem community is incredible, its like snowball effects, and now it's good to see it growing healthily. Good to see you coming back active too. Hope college life been treating you good 😊

Hey @cryptokannon in this post your words is very beautiful. I’m new on steemit can you help me to verify my account 😊

I'm amazed on how big the steem platform has changedn and grow, it feels like you have eran great achievments and grow to fulfill some personal and social goals, wich is pretty great, i hope you keep on shining and providing great feedback to your family, friends and this platform.

Also, i would gadly be greatfull if you could check out my introduction, i believe it's been 6 days already and got me worried, don't wanna feel like all this effort went to waste, even though i can do it once again :D hehe

Life is really better with steem.More of [email protected]

Happy for you!
I wasn't active on steemit for quite a time. So I'm not in up-to-date with the events in steemit. From now I will be active so I'm interested to know about the events happening now. So can you please provide information on events that are currently in progress.

Hi @nithishkumar welcome back to Steemit! You may want to follow @pennsif as he is doing great work on updating Steem community on what's going on here.

Thanks for your help

Thank you for the mention @cryptokannon.

Sorry for bothering you again
But I wasn't able to find a blog for integration of Tron wallet with steemit
So can you please help me?

Wow such an inspiring story I would love to become like you later on by using this platform to impact people's life positively .
Please I am a newbie here and you can view my achievement post below

Hello ma'am, thank you for this wonderful and inspiring post. I hope you could help me get through all these tasks in Steemit. It is my first time here in this platform and I have no idea what should I do next. I am done posting my achievement 1, so what should I do next?

Hola amiga. Espero estés muy bien. Aún no estot verificado. Por favor, ¿puedes verificarme? Gracias @cryptokannon

Amazing journey you have cryptokannon. I believe that your achievements here in this platform is the results of the hardwork in nurturing this community. Nurturing and grow a child/ community is not easy but worth it!!! Your a work with a heart.. I really admire your post. And I salute you!!
GOD bless you more!!!

As a newcomer i don't know if i am allowed to post in here. But i really appreciate your dedication here. I can feel that you have a huge patience on us and on our mistakes . But your willingness to be always there for us to mentor us is absolutely amazing. We salute your meekness @cryptokannon.🙏😊😊🤩


With dedication and hardwork and help of God whatever our dreams are turned to reality.

greetings for introductions to all who join here

Thank you for the post. it worth the read.

Helo mam ,first of all I'm very sorry for disturbing you . I'm juxt want to know why my Introductory post achievement one is not verified . Now it's third time I'm posting my Introductory post achievement one..
I'm sharing with you my link here

heLo mam how are you. I am continuously working for steemit community.i have the resolution to join it forever til my life and want to approve my community.can u help me in this way?

@cryptokannon!!! soy nueva en la plataforma y al conseguir esta publicación, me motive más a continuar, eres inspiración para cualquier usuario de Steemit que tenga las mismas expectativas que tu!! CRECER, AMAR Y DEJAR FRUTOS!!Gracias por tus publicaciones !!

Please help. I've been on Steemit since 2017. But at the beginning of 2018 I stopped writing because there were many uncertain circumstances at that time. Then starting 2021 it's back on and now my reputation is at 50 and my SP is at 234 with 50 sp delegated. Do I need to re-enter the newcomer community to introduce myself. Please help.

This is so inspiring story of yours. Hope more success is ahead. 👏

Helo mam how are you......
I am working in steemit in pakistan under the supervision of @mubeenaslam . he is my friend. I am working since many days plz verify/confirm me...... I also participate in video meeting with @hassanabid and asked him to verify but not responding.

Thanks for good works toward we the beginers


Brilliant @cryptokannon you're working hard keep it up. And you have such a cute Children.

God bless you dear... Grow yourself and Grow others..

palabras de inspiración y motivación al leer esto uno piensa yo puedo lograr algo aquí también y por que no todos tenemos las cualidades...

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