Better Life / THE DIARY GAME : 25 / AUG /2021

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You are all welcome my name is Ayush Verma and how are you, I hope you are doing well.

Let's start day

Friends, as I told yesterday that my mother has gone to Grandmother's house. she has come back today. Came home at 6:00 in the morning so that I had to get up early to do all the work.

After that, when the mother came to the house, all the things were kept scattered because all the things were taken out from the mother's bag. Because of which it got very dirty.
Then after cleaning the whole room, I have seen again. Grandmother sent something for me, then I saw it. Indore's special namkeen was busy in it.


Then after some time, the mother told that the train was a little late in arriving at the station, so then there . She went to the temple near the station, which is a very big and beautiful temple. Going there, the mother took some prasad and offered it to God and brought it for us as well.


Today I went to drop my sister till the coaching. Her and the head asked, why hadn't this been coming for you since days. Then I told them that many things happened with my mother in Indore!

If we feel a little hungry in the afternoon, then we feel like eating something. That's why every afternoon we make tea and eat something namkeen or whatever we make for breakfast.
The namkeen brought from Indore is quite tasty.The spices that have been put inside it are quite tasty.
And it's very spicy .


Thanks for reading my post and take care of yourself. Take care of your family.

I have joined steemit through my friend @sachin08. He told me about this community.

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