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A large-scale development work is being carried out in a place about 10 minutes on foot from my place. The construction site is covered with a long fence, and such a picture is posted on the fence. Those are the history of this city.



It began in the city in the 1960s. During Japan's high economic growth period, in the 1970s, skyscrapers over 100m above the ground were built in the Nishi-Shinjuku area (the area west of "Shinjuku", the main station in Tokyo). Nishi-Shinjuku has come to be called the new city center.



In 1990, the new Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was completed. Since then, not only office buildings but also high-rise condominiums will be built in the surrounding area. Nishi-Shinjuku will not only have offices, but will also become an area where people live.



In 2000, the subway "Oedo Line" was fully opened. The platform for the Oedo Line is connected to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and several other skyscrapers by underpasses.




Development is still ongoing, about 30 years later. This area is still expanding.



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