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There is a noise outside the window, and when I look at the window, there is a figure like this outside.




This is a regular window cleaning that takes place about four times a year. The building was originally equipped with a window-wiping gondola, and cleaning staff will be on board to clean the building from the top floor to the bottom floor. Cleaning does not end in one day, so it spans multiple days. The height of the top floor exceeds 100m above the ground. It's a difficult job.





As it concerns the privacy of the resident, you will be notified in advance when the cleaning will take place. However, depending on the weather and wind direction of the day, it may have to be canceled, so there are multiple spare days. It's very complicated.
I've lived here for 15 years, but I can't remember the date of window cleaning, and as a result, I'm scared every time.