【Tokyo,Daily Life】18/10/2020THE DIARY GAME: “Hokosha Tengoku”, Temporary Car free zone 「歩行者天国」steemCreated with Sketch.

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These photos show Shinjuku, a downtown area of ​​Tokyo, on Sunday, October 18th.


車道には車が橋っておらず、歩行者が歩いていますが、日本では一般的にこの様子を「Hokosha Tengoku」といいます。直訳すると、歩行者のパラダイスという意味になり、意味はわかりますが、改めて考えると、日本語としても不思議な言葉です。

Cars are closed and pedestrians are walking on the road, which is generally called "Hokosha Tengoku" in Japan. Translated literally, it means "pedestrian paradise," and little strange.


日本では、第二次世界大戦の敗戦を経て、高度経済成長期(1954-1970年)に急激に社会が変わりました。経済発展の弊害として、公害も深刻な問題となりました。“Hokosha Tengoku”は、車中心の社会から、道路を歩行者に明け渡す機会として広まった、という説があります。

In Japan, after the defeat of World War II, society changed drastically during the period of high economic miracle (1954-1970). Pollution has also become a serious problem as an adverse effect of economic development. It seems that the early "Hokosha Tengoku" had the meaning of giving up the road to pedestrians and looking back on a car-centered society.




Cars on the road are closed and walk in the center of the spacious road. Not only, there is a feeling free, but the perspective also changes. From a different place, look up at the city sky between the buildings, which you don't usually see. The experience of experiencing such a feeling seems to be a precious time.



the cover pic appealed to me, looks like a famouse Abbey road crossing!
Shinjuku is a fashionable city district full of cool visuals. thanks for sharing your nice pics.
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Thanks for your comment. The thumbnail picture was taken by chance. It's true that the appearance of crossing the intersection is like Abbey Road. I noticed because you pointed out.
It's a great time to ban vehicles. Unfortunately, street performance was still banned.