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Pro Bono(プロボノ)。

Have you ever heard the word "Pro Bono"?



Often, in American lawyer dramas, there is a scene in which a lawyer "takes on the defense of a poor person who cannot pay legal costs" with a pro bono. Translated subtitles may be translated as "free".

弁護士に限らず、もっと広い意味で Pro Bonoが使われることがあります。
もともとは「公共善のために」を意味するラテン語「Pro Bono Publico」を語源とする言葉ですが、転じて、社会的・公共的な目的のために、職業上のスキルや専門知識を活かした無償奉仕活動も意味します。

"Pro Bono" may be used in many more professions, not just lawyers.
This is a word derived from the Latin word "Pro Bono Publico" which means "for public good". It means free service activities that utilize professional expertise for social and public purposes.

日本には、Pro Bonoのための非営利組織がいくつかあります。それらは「中間支援団体」と呼ばれ、運営上の課題を抱えた非営利組織と、無償で働きたいビジネスパーソンをマッチングします。

There are several non-profit organizations in Japan for Pro Bono. They are called "intermediate support organizations" and match non-profit organizations with operational issues with business people who want to work for free.



I registered with the oldest non-profit organization 14 years ago. This organization registers its professional expertise as if it were registering its skills with a temporary agency. And if there is an offer, we will work with other similarly registered workers to solve the problems of the client non-profit organization.

image by Abbey23.JPG


There are many types of problem-solving content, such as creating a website or creating a business plan. Since the work phase and period are fixed, it is also a good point that business people can easily participate.



I was absent for a while after experiencing 5 projects, and decided to participate in a short-term activity.



The content of this activity is as an advisor.
In Japanese towns, there is a "chonaikai" (community organization for each town), which is engaged in local activities including disaster prevention. The members of these associations are aging, and hoping that young residents who have newly moved will know about them and participate. This support is to help them complete the work of creating a website. It lasts for three months and is supported online with monthly meetings.


Pro Bonoは期間限定のため、社会貢献活動に興味があるビジネスパーソンが、参加するハードルを下げいます。そうした面でもよいシステムだと感じます。

Since Pro Bono is for a limited time, it is possible to grasp and control the time that business people devote to social contribution. I feel that it is a good system because it lowers the hurdles for social contribution.


By the way, my answer to the question "Isn't it a loss to work for free?" Is NO. There is no monetary reward, but many of the business people who come to this activity are attractive and can build great relationships. In addition, through activities, you can discover your own skills and new aspects that you have not noticed before.


Pro Bono... I didn’t know about this kind. Thanks for the information.

Originally, it originated from an American NPO, and it seems that a Japanese NPO learned from it and started in Japan as well.

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