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A "glass-enclosed toilet" was set up in a park in Shibuya Ward.

透明トイレ (1).JPG


The first time I learned about this was the introduction on @tomoyan 's blog. Shibuya Ward is the ward next to my residence. However, I didn't care about the location at that time.


When I went for a walk, I found a small park with an unfamiliar space. It was a rumored "glass toilet".

透明トイレ (2).JPG


The walls of this toilet are made of special frosted glass that becomes transparent when energized. When there are no people, the glass becomes transparent by passing electricity, and the inside can be seen through like this.

透明トイレ (8).JPG


However, when locked, electricity does not flow, so frosted glass makes the inside invisible. As shown in the picture below, the outside scenery is reflected like a mirror.

透明トイレ (4).JPG


In this way, it becomes transparent when energized, so if there is a power failure, it will only return to the state of frosted glass, so you cannot see the inside.

透明トイレ (5).JPG

透明トイレ (10).JPG


This toilet was devised for the purpose of "a public toilet that anyone can use comfortably". Eliminates the anxiety of public toilets such as dirt and danger. It also illuminates the park at night, so it is also useful as lighting.


Wow, eso si es increíble e insólito, tanta tecnología que ustedes tienen en su país y poner de eso inodoro en los parque es una buena opción, es sorprendente y es muy cierto lo que dices eso eliminaría esa suciedad y el peligro. Muy interesante tu post.

#onepercent #venezuela

Thanks for your comment. It is an interesting fact that this is set in a typical small Japanese park.

Hola como estas, haya si que la tecnología esta muy avanzada eso es algo insólito, ojala hicieran eso aquí en Venezuela, esto es impresionante.

#onepercent #venezuela

Thank you for your comment. This is a very unique endeavor and I get the impression that it is a kind of artistic activity.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

And thank you for setting your post to 100% Powerup.

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The Steemit Team

Many thanks for voting and comments on my post. I will continue to disseminate information about interesting places in Tokyo.

One of a kind and interesting! Hoping that they will make one here in Yokohama!

Thanks for your comment. Yokohama is also an advanced municipality, so it may become popular soon.

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