@Betgames Fun Way to Grow Account Recap of Week 1 of NFL

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I wanted to give you all a recap of how I did my last week with the @betgames Service. For anyone that doesn't know what it is check out my Full Review Right now I am just going to go over how I did on my first week of the NFL. With football back we should see more betting that was true this week and it makes it a not easier to win more also helps @betgames grow their SP to be able to pay back bets faster.

I bet 9 SBD this weekend all the bets and pay outs are below. As you see on some of the games I bet on both teams. I did this as a way to in theory just buy some upvotes but also give me a chance at a upset compared to the others bets. I did this on the Dolphins vs the Titans I had bet the Titans early but all all the bets coming in on them so then I also be on the Dolphins. That was a good move as I ended up betting 2SBD and winning 2.250 SBD and 1.25 SBD in upvotes on the tracking sheet. It will take a while to get that back but I am planing on being on steemit for a while so I am okay with that. Also you see I took 2 other dogs in the Browns and Texans those didn't work out along with the colts this is the reason at least this week I am down a little but up if you consider the payback on the votes.

9SBD Bet Won back right 8.51 got that last payout was a little lower that I thought but now that is correct so

Bets I lost was Texans, Raiders, Colts, Titans so I will get 5 SBD credit to the vote pay back sheet. So I got to have some fun placing some bets on some games. I ended up paying .49 SBD for 5 SBD of votes. If I would have got one more bet correct I could have just won SBD and still have some more vote credits. So if you can do this better than me make sure you come Join US If you want to see the upvote tracking sheet it is here

Pictures are showing bets and pay out and you can verify in my wallet history also.
2018-09-10 22_05_34-Window.png
2018-09-10 22_06_27-Window.png
2018-09-10 22_07_26-Window.png

2018-09-10 22_07_43-Window.png

2018-09-10 22_08_05-Window.png

2018-09-10 22_08_40-Window.png

2018-09-10 22_08_56-Window.png

2018-09-10 22_09_13-Window.png

2018-09-10 22_05_59-Window.png

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Oh well I don't watch much of american football, but the UCL is also coming next week so will be excited to see some bets for that


Ya they will put up any game you ask them to for betting so that is a fun part of this. Though they do laugh a bit when a game is requested and no one bets on it.

100% upvote from @betgames

I have way to little money in my account to risk betting :0)


well you don't really risk the bet but I get it. Don't do it if it isn't fun for you. More of a way for someone who like to gamble to do it without the risk.