A beautiful life is always a happy one.

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Greetings and love to all. I hope everyone on this platform is very good. I also regularly write on this platform. So today I am going to write. The bees that friends give us honey, but our flowers bloom. So be careful, the one who talks too sweet can hurt you. Honor will always be your honorable man. And how can anyone who has no respect for others respect him? Life shows us that if we want to be in happiness and peace, then change ourselves without changing others. For example, instead of carpeting around the world, wear your shoes.
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How a person reacts to his words depends on his thoughts. As someone who takes away everything else and thinks of himself as a hero. Again there are some in this society, they are satisfied with everything else. All this is the result of reformed intellect and thought, but it is true that one eats another's food, he will never have enough of his stomach, and whoever eats it will never be hungry.

A wise man asks a poison what a poison, a wise man answers, a poison is all that he has more than he needs. So I will not be more greedy. If we love each other then there will be nothing wrong with the oppression of this society.