Best 50 Tourist Centers in Bangladesh !! Come on...

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Best 50 Tourist Centers in Bangladesh !!

1. Cox's Bazar:

The world-class marine beach in south-eastern Bangladesh. Pahargarh Cox's Bazar Seaboard is the longest natural sandy beach in the world. Cox's Bazar is ideal for tourists. Apart from this, there are many ancient structures.
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2. St. Martin's:

St. Martin is one of the world's largest coral island. A wonderful place to visit St. Martin. St. Martin's Island is famous for Dob. You can find sweet coconut water and shells in St. Martin. Here you can excite various marine creatures including fish.
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3. Rangamati:

Rangamati district of Chittagong Hill Tracts filled with natural beauty. Kaptai Lake is situated in the small town of the city and there are numerous diverse places everywhere. These places are different times of the year. But the rainy season is completely different.
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4. Khagrachari:

Khagracharii made God beautiful in beauty. Here are the vast plains of Maitali, Chengi and Maine valley and the diversity of tribal culture. Wherever the eyes look only green and green. Ideal place for travelers.

5. Sylhet:

Sylhet is one of the few areas in Bangladesh where tea garden is observed. Sylhet's tea color, taste and aroma are incomparable. Japhalam of Sylhet is known as the fame of the whole country as a name.

6. Bisankandi:

Tourism Paradise in Sylhet. The borders of the country and the cold water coming from Meghalaya hills. Next to the hilly greenery. Transparent water streams run over small stone stones have created a pleasant atmosphere in Bichanakandi.
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7. Sajek:

It has to go to Khagrachari even though its position in Rangamati. Dighinala from Khagrachari city, then sajake as Baghaihat. The whole road is beautiful, the surroundings are also beautiful. Clouds on the sides of the road, red-green houses and clouds climbing on the sides of the hill.
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8. Bhawal National Park:

The nearest tourist spot of Dhaka district is the Bhawal National Park. Shawl This park is full of biodiversity. There are about 220 species of trees, 13 species of mammals, 9 species of reptiles, 5 species of birds and 5 species of amphibians.
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9. Rangamang:

Rangamata beauty will remain incomplete when the color of the mountain does not reach the top. The Mohanan Karnafuli, who had gone on the hollow of the hill, Its position in Barkal and Jurachhari upazilas near Karnaphuli. All the beauty around you will come in front of the eyes, if the color can rise to the top!
images (12).jpg

10. Bunding Khyang of Bandarban:

The location of the fountain in Mangrapru Parra of Bandarban. Keeping the two huge hills guard, this stream is giving water to the rocky waters. The scene will change at the peak of the hill. The fountains are spreading the entire area of ​​white fog cloth.
images (13).jpg

11. Char Kachpia:

The location of the canal in Gosabari Ghat of Charfashion of Bhola district. Running on the boat in the canal and the other side of the green game is an amazing scene. The deer and the birds of the fair match in winter.
images (14).jpg

12. Tentulia:

Tentulia of the entire northern Bangladesh of the Himalayas is located in Kolaghesh. There are many other tourist spots, including tea garden of flat land, Tentulia dak-bungalow, Tentulia Picnic Corner, Bangla Bangandha Jirpayant.
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13. Idrakpur Fort:

Historical archaeological sites located in Idrakpur, Munshiganj. This fort was built to protect Dhaka and Narayanganj from the attack of mog and Portuguese pirates.
images (16).jpg

14. Thakurgaon:

Though Thakurgaon is a small district, it is a populous place of ancient traditions. Nekmarad of this district, there is an ancient civilization in Ranisankal.
images (17).jpg

15. Lalbagh Fort:

Lalbagh Fort in the Mughal period This fort built in the second half of the seventeenth century has the shrine of Paribibi, Darbar's house, hammamakhana, mosque, castle etc. The location of Lalbagh fort along the banks of Buriganga river.

16. Nilgiri:

Nilgiri is the country's highest tourist center. Its position in Thanchi upazila of Bandarban. There is a chance to touch the clouds with the help of clouds. Sunrise and sunset in Nilgiris in the dry season.
images (20).jpg

17. Nilchal and Shuvrenila:

Located in the entrance of Bandarban district. The clouds of the 1700 feet high are always playing in the clouds. From the two tourist centers built on this hill, it is very pleasant to see the surrounding area.
images (21).jpg

18. Chalanbali:

The name of the biggest bill in Bangladesh is Chanabanil. It's popular with tourists. The beauty of the rainy season is said to be 3 bills spread over the district. In the rainy season, the water is filled with water, and it is filled with water.
images (22).jpg

19. Shuvalong Sharna:

Shuvalong Shower is one of the most interesting places in Rangamati district. The crowd of tourists are constantly watching this fountain. After passing a long distance, the shower has fallen into Kaptai Lake. There is no barrier to go to Shuvalonga, so the fountain of the fountain can be enjoyed in the wild.
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20. Ahsan Manzil:

The location of ancient empire in the Kumartuli area of ​​Purghedes in Buriganga. Manjil is divided into two parts namely Rangmahal and Andromala. There are many lovely dome on top of the palace. There is also a museum here.
images (24).jpg

21. Mahasthangarh:

Traditional ancient archeology is situated in Bogra. The capital of Pundravardhana was present in Bogra Mahasthangarh. Bogra had special administrative importance even during the Maurya, Gupta, Pal and Sen. It is located on the west bank of the Karatoya river.
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22. Somapura Mahavihara:

Somapura Mahavihara is located in Paharpur Bihar. It is widely known as the Buddhist Behavior in the Indian subcontinent. It is the most famous destination for tourists. Because it is unique architecture Most Indians who visited this place visited the place.
images (26).jpg

23. The Taj Mahal of Bengal:

Sonargaon famous for many reasons. Here, in the evolution of time, the world's oldest Wonders were built in the village Parab of Sonargaon on the basis of the Taj Mahal in Agra. It is the second largest Taj Mahal of the world in architecture.
images (27).jpg

24. Ancient Sonargaon:

The location of this Mughal empire in Narayanganj, near Dhaka. There are five ancient piramas, Ancient Panam City, Nilkuthi and many other ancient structures.
images (28).jpg

25. Laujhara Forest:

The mountainous forest has gone through the thick forest. Row row of trees on either side Through it Madhyadupur or Sonazhara, morning or afternoon, the soft light of Lauyachara has more amusing. This forest is located in Kamalganj upazila of Maulvibazar.
images (29).jpg

26. Rajban Bihar:

Among the many symbols of the district of Rangamati, one of Rajben Buddhism It is a holy place for Buddhists. It is also an attractive place for tourists to visit the temple.
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27. Chimbuk:

The third largest mountain in the country. The name of the name of the whole country in Chimbuk of Bandarban. Mountain view on both sides of the road to Chimbuk and the Sangu River view is very pleasant. On the hill, standing on the clouds will be seen.
images (31).jpg

28. Golden Temple:

Mahasukh Mandir. Golden spell for the golden color. Its position on the top of the hilltop hill of Balghata area of ​​Bandarban, Hill District of Bangladesh. On the full moon night, there was a bright light in the light of the thousands of earth's lamps.
images (32).jpg

29. Lalbagh Fort:

The construction of Lalbagh Fort was started in 1678 by Mohammad Azam Shah, son of the Mughal Subedar Emperor Aurangzeb. The complex and incomplete castle of Mughal period This fort is interesting for architectural tourists.
images (33).jpg

30. Sixty-Dome Mosque:

The sixty-domed mosque, known as the 60-dome Mosque, is the largest mosque built in the Sultanate period. The mosque is usually used for prayers.
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31. Liberation War Museum:

This museum was opened on 22 March 1996. The museum displays 10,000 more handmade and image exhibitions. It's currently being rebuilt. The museum is considered to be the best place for any country. Because it has many important things to be saved.
images (35).jpg

32. Cordadip:

There are small and big stones everywhere and some Kaya trees. And around it's blue water wave. A rocky island in the middle of the sea. It is the ending point of the map of Bangladesh in the isolated part of the island of St. Martin and along the Bay of Bengal.
images (36).jpg

33. Husani Dalan:

Husseini Dalan was built during the Mughal rule in Dhaka. Most of the Shiite community visited this place to attend meetings or gatherings during the time of the Muharram.
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34. Sagarakanya Kuakata:

Situated in the beautiful lilabhumi Sagarkanya Kuakata. Kuakata is the only beach in South Asia where the sunrise and sunset can be seen standing. It is undoubtedly a great thing to see the sun shining in the sea belt and to lose sight of the sun in the ocean.
images (38).jpg

35. Patenga Marine:

Patenga beach is located in Chittagong. It is the most famous beach in Bangladesh. This is the best destination for nature lovers. They wander around with their family to make their own tour memorable. It is a popular place for tourists.
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36. Khollaram Donor's house:

This house is located in Bandura, Nawabganj. The huge house is called Kholaram Datar's house. There are many stories about the house. A tunnel from this house was located in Ichhamati.
images (40).jpg

37. Durgasagar of Barisal:

Durgasagar tourism center in Babuganj, Barisal. There is a beautiful environment for tourists and many ancient works are here. The historic Durgasagar Dighi is located in front of the Rajbari in Madhavapada.
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38. Sundarbans:

Sundarbans is one of the world's mangrove forests. Many tourists around the world came to visit the Sundarbans. Surprising mangrove forest Sundarbans tidal-tidal variants of this forest, to see the forests and tourists from the country every day to gather the crowd.
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39. Rakhnong pond:

Natural lake of aesthetic beauty on the top of the hill of Rangamati. The area of ​​indigenous lake is approximately 30 acres. Water is clear on the lake, depending on the sunlight, the weather and the clouds, the water different forms on different occasions.

images (42).jpg

40. Ancient Kherua Mosque:

The old mosque is located in Sherpur upazila on the entrance of Bogra city. This mosque built in a three-dimensional rectangular plan. In the year 989 AH / 1582, one Mirza Murad Khan Kakshal Mosque was built.

41. Sonadia Island:

Not far from Maheshkhali of Cox's Bazar, Sonadia Island is not far away. This island is made up of mangrove and coastal forests. The dark blue waters of the sea, red crab, Keya forest, sea birds, and all of a kind of thrilling atmosphere.
.images (43).jpg

42. Bangabandhu Safari Park:

Founded in Gazipur, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park is the most attractive place in the country. There are many birds and animals tied in obstacles and enclosures.
images (44).jpg

43. Tajhata zamindari house:

The landlord house of the hundred years of Amalin Kirti. Location of Hajat in Rangpur. The sky-high coconut trees on both sides of the road. Two ponds in front and in front of the house Many visitors came here to visit.
images (45).jpg

44. Birishiri:

Birishri is a village traditionally native of Netrokona district of Bangladesh. It is a beautiful natural beauty of Lilabhumi. The main attraction of Birishiri is mine of Bijoypur porcelain. White soil makes water color more diverse.
images (46).jpg

45. Monpura:

The biggest island of Bangladesh is the lily of isolated natural beauty from the mainland of Bhola district. Rupali Island Monpura Manpura Upazila is also interesting and spectacular places to the people of the country as well as foreigners.
images (47).jpg

46. Chargangamti:

10 kilometers east of Kuakata mainland, Charagamamati is another lucrative place of tourist attraction. Here you can enjoy the wonderful views of sunrise and sunset standing here.
images (49).jpg

47. Comilla:

Shalban Buddhism of Comilla is one of the ancient civilizations of Bangladesh. In Comilla district, there are numerous ancient tourist spots, Lalmai-Mainamati, and many other tourist attractions.
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48. Nijhhumdip:

Nhihhumdipip of Opportunity, Hatiya Upazila Upazila of Noakhali district. In the southern part of the tool, the Bay of the Bay of Bengal has awakened the Evergos Island island Nijhoddeep Fish, Trees, Birds-Patchy and Gold Deer's Asset Store
images (51).jpg

49. Jaflong:

An impressive view of the Jaintia Hills of Sylhet, the beauty of Jaflong, the rows of Bholaganj rocks and stack tourists have been dragged repeatedly. The winter frost in winter makes the tourists and tourists feel relaxed.
images (50).jpg

50. Bagerhat:

There are ancient ancient archeology. Bagerhat is known as the city of ancient mosque. There are many ancient structures including Jindapir Mosque, Nine Dome Mosque, Bibi Vegani Mosque, Singra Mosque.
images (52).jpg

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