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Good evening the steemian, when I want to join the contest organized by @tatjanastan. I will tell best bloggers distemely.

The best special steemit blogger in Indonesia today is @mariska.lubis. Why @mariska.lubis? Because @mariska.lubis he is the author of steemit guide in indonesian language. I myself understand the things to do and be banned in steemit via post @mariska.lubis. Currently @mariska.lubis already has a level (reputation) to 57 and he includes qurator ocd @mariska.lubis currently has 2578 followers.


@mariska.lubis is very active in writing and he does not feel prestige to praise others in writing, people are so friendly and active reply to comments from his followers. @mariska.lubis not stop sharing knowledge distemem, but she is a woman but can mingle with society steemit. If you want to see try

check here

Each of his words is full of meaning and the writing of each post includes more than 1000 words, I am very amazed at his extraordinary in writing. I speak truthfully without holding. @mariska.lubis do not want to be flattered even feel ashamed when flattered.


Greet all the steemian friends, hope best be better. @kil


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