My Best Fights in Splinterlands: Second Half of May

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I played some great battles in Splinterlands, I won some of them and lost others, but they're good either way! The current season is nearing its end and I finally managed to regain my previous pace of 20+ battles a day.

Just like the previous week, I only rented some cards. I kept my place in Gold II League with Lv3 (Fire & Earth) Summoners. I lost sometimes my place down to Gold III but when I do, I battle my way back up!

While I get a bunch of Reward Chests every day, I mostly got Common Cards or tiny bit of DEC each time. Still, it's better than nothing... As for battles I have a few interesting ones to write about in this article:

Here's My Notable Battles Lately:

The new rules resulted in many interesting battles lately. I love the Equalizer Ruleset and after I fought many battles using it I decided which strategy and cards should I use when the Ruleset comes up:

Halved Enemy Attacks

[28 Mana] [Silenced Summonners]
My Halving Alchemist saved me from the opponents biggest attackers and I defeated his Fire Elemental (which has the dangerous Blast ability) early on with Twisted Jester's Snipe ability. A good battle I couldn't know the result of before watching it.

The Attack Miss That Decided The Battle's Flow

[13 Mana] [Taking Sides]
My Death team isn't very strong so I'm glad the opponent's Serpentine Spy missed its attack against my Fallen Spectre. The whole battle depended on that miss. I don't think my Tank's self heal could let me win if not for Fallen Spectre.

Magic Through Fog

[34 Mana] [Fog of War] [Healing Out]
I managed to win this battle without any of my monsters dying. The Taunt ability of The Kraken is helpful especially when you have a bunch of monsters with high attack power and low health.

Healthy Exploder

[12 Mana] [Unprotected] [Equalizer]
I really love Equalizer Ruleset. I put Exploding Dwarf as my tank because his flaw of only 1 health point doesn't matter in this ruleset. He didn't survive as much as I expected but I did win the battle so it's all good in the end.

Targeting the Vunerable

[40 Mana] [Target Practice] [Melee Mayhem]
One of the nicest battles I fought! My opponent's Tank had Void ability which would've saved him from my Magic attacks. But the ruleset Target Practice allowed my monsters to attack his second position monsters instead which helped greatly in this battle.

Buffed Up Assassins

[40 Mana] [Equalizer]
Another Equalizer battle. This time I used Life Splinter for a quest. My favorite combo for Life is Silvershield Assassin & Silvershield Knight. I just noticed the theme naming here. Hehehe~

So, What do you think?

This is the first time since February that I start battling in Gold League every day. I managed to use Level 1 Summoners (Water, Life and Death) to play in Gold League, which is a big achievement considering I used to need Lv4 Summoners to even stand a chance in Gold III. I got better at choosing teams (or my opponents just got worse.)

I hope you enjoyed this.
~ If you did please see my other #bestsptbattles posts ~
Hope to see your thoughts in comments!.

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