[Assassination] Sneak Ability Monsters in Splinterlands


When it comes to Sneak ability, I have three favorite monsters. The Fire Splinter Kobold Miner which I have a rented Gold Foil version. The other two are Life Splinter monsters: Feral Spirit, & Silvershield Assassin.

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[I choose the monsters using the same criteria I'll talk about below]

My Fire Splinter Strategy

Kobold Miner is a monster I use in all my (except in Odd Mana only battles and rulesets that doesn't allow Sneak of course.) His low Mana cost of 2 is very attractive and his Sneak ability is integral to all my Fire strategies.

I used to put Elven Cutthroaght (another Sneak ability user) alongside him, but since I reached the Gold League, I've been replacing her with the Opportunity monster Parasitic Growth. All of these three monsters get Melee Attack boost when I use Malric Inferno as a Summoner.

In my Fire teams, I usually put Goblin Mech or Molten Ogre as a tank. Followed by Giant Roc if Mana allows, then followed by Kobold Miner and Parasitic Growth then I put my Ranged and Magic monsters, as you see in the battle above. I don't know if this strategy is optimal but I'm slowly improving it over time.

My Life Splinter Strategy

My main Life Splinter strategy uses Sneak ability, but I don't currently have a high-level summoner for Life Splinter. (I don't use Life two too much now that I'm at Gold League.) That's why I don't have a battle link to showcase what I'm going to write below.


My strategy goes like this: I use a Tank with high health, toughness or both. I might put some filler monsters like Furious Chicken or Creeping Ooze next. Then I put monsters with Sneak ability (usually when Mana allows, Silvershield Assassin is put first because she has the highest health, then Feral Spirit and finally Elven Cutthroaght. The latter is has low health but enough speed to do something before an Opportunity ability monster kills her.) Finally I put my Silvershield Knight last for his ability Inspire that will make sure the attack of all my assassins doubled!

Silvershield Assassin is my favorite but the optimal use for this card is when the Mana limit is at least 30 so I could support her with Silvershield Knight's Inspire ability.

Answering Carrie Questions!

As usual with these posts. I'll answer @carrieallen questions from the weekly challenge's post:

When and where do you put it!? I have never put one up front... I feel like this is a bad. When do you choose sneak over a tank? Do you? I feel so silly for missing this.

I don't know how wrong you were using them, but Sneak ability monsters are terrible Tanks. They are also terrible 'last' monsters due to their low health. I always put them in the middle as you saw in my Fire and Life strategy breakdown above.

I always aim for a Tank that has the higher Life × Toughness average value. I try to put filler monsters both before and after the Sneak ability monsters so they recieve a hit if the opponent has a Sneak or Opportunity monster lurking. (Though sometimes I gamble that the opponent won't use Sneak or Opportunity and act accordingly.) So I hope that answers your question Ms. @carrieallen~

That's all for today's entry to the weekly challenge.
I hope I'm not too late and will try to take part in the next one soon!