Competition - The Challenge Of a Best Smile ( The Prize Is 10 SBD ) - 7 Days - Part Three

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  • Every smile is beautiful, we love to see smiling people, parents, friends, children. That's why it's important to spread the smile's mission - the prize is 10 SBD (It increases with the number of participants). Do not be selfish, share your beautiful smile with your friends on Steemit.

  • @hanitasteemer

  • @exanime15

  • @ir3k

  • @iwant

  • Competition - the most beautiful smile
    Smiling is healthy, a smile changes the mood, fills the heart with joy. Make the best smile, I will enjoy watching emotions on your face.

  • Rules:
    You need to be my follower
    Place the photo in the comments space
    Upvote this post
    Resteem this post
    Photo must be original ( Must be a personal user picture)
    Awards relate only to this post
    The competition lasts for 7 days hours

  • Prizes
    1st place: 5 SBD
    2nd place: 2.5 SBD
    3rd place : 1 SBD
    4-9 place : 0.25 SBD

  • This is part of the same competition -

  • Judges
    After 7 days, I will put photos in a post for voting, the one with the most votes will win, so we allocate awards up to 9 places.

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where is my pic . Why did,t you mention me in the post


Slow internet - dont warry ....

Oh my goodness, there are some beautiful smiles on steemit! tip! 1.00


Thank you for support @reddust


Thank you for spreading metta, (Pali=wise kindness)


I really would not like to be unique, to be recognizable for this competition. You are a real artist, I need the energy of art.

Great contest..good idea friend


Thank you my friend


Nice contest you got here, it feels good to participate.
Hope I win. Thanks so much.