Competition - The Challenge Of a Best Smile ( The Prize Is 30 SBD ) - 7 Days - Day #6 - The Registration Is In Progress

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Smile is a mirror of the soul, your sincere emotions shine in your beautiful smile, it's time to take action - set your best smile.














































@juanmallorca (























































You need to be my follower
Place the photo in the comments space
Upvote this post
Resteem this post
Photo must be original ( Must be a personal user picture - max one photo)
Awards relate only to this post
The competition lasts for 7 days ( After 7 days, voting for favorites begins, everyone can only vote once - Today is the day#6 of the competition - the registration is in progress - leave your most beautiful smile in the comment)

Note For Voting and Voters : On the voting day all the voters need to Folow me, Resteem the post and Vote on post. The vote for the post and for their candidate to win.

1st place: 15 SBD
2nd place: 6 SBD
3rd place : 3 SBD
4-9 place : 1 SBD

After 7 days, I will put photos in a post for voting, the one with the most votes will win, so we allocate awards up to 9 places.

Believe in yourself @dobartim

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There are a lot of pics in the post.
It's getting hot in here.
Glad you are getting all steemians involved.



This is my entry

good work .keep going @dobartim

my vote is for #64


Different kinds of beautiful smiles

Great job keep it up ❤️

My entry for best smile .thank you sir for this contest

My entry for best smile

Here is my picture

Good job dear keep it up thanks for sharing this, I follow you hope you will share more



This is my entry



I had chicken pox in this picture..i just had to smile it out of my body anyways😁😁😊

Sweet smile with all dear friends on my wedding day. I was the happiest person in the world that day.