Selfie in park and nature Challenge, Selfie in nature, Selfie Mania, 7 days 3 sbd challenge, Day 5 - NEW SELFIE CHALLENGE

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My entry to selfie in park, nature of Steem Schools which is hosted by @flysky.

This picture was taken in the park where me and my friends visited to spend our free time which was organized by our University. The time was well spent by all of us. The natural beauty was all over there that's why I like the place most.

At first, we arrived at bus from University premises and reached there. There were many beautiful place to visit. The program had been continuing the whole day. University's management arranged the program so nicely and stage were well decorated. They invited some bands to sing some famous songs and cultural program was also in the list.

Me and my friend were started a race when everyone was busy with back to the home. Haha! It was really fun.

Anyway, I just shared my experience with you all. I like to share this type of journey which makes me feel like joy.

You can drop your selfie in comment below and also participate this contest. Rules of this contest are below:


Post your own selfie
Collect all selfies if all your friends in your post and or in your comments
Post with biggest number of selfies of all your friends will win
7 day challenge , 3 sbd

I like to share with you the link which can help you to Know more about this contest.

You can join Steemschools discord channel to learn more about blogs and explore new ideas of yours.

Thank you 🍁


Nice and the nature is beautiful..😊received_2036483109898782.jpeg

Thanks dear 😍

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These are good pictures. I especially enjoyed the first picture where your standing in front of the water. Where I live, it is very dry and not green so I really enjoy these beautiful green landscapes from countries like yours!

Thank you so much dear 😊 Yeah in our country green is everywhere and I also love this natural beauty. 😍

Looking really nice dear ! As i see! Made really cooll friends . Which adds great support to be doing good and success.

Best of luck !

Thanks a lot sis... 😍 Pray for us... 😊