100 x Potential Coins - No One Is Talking About Them - Must Watch !

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Hello Friends,
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If you don't understand Hindi then Let me tell you name of the 4 coins that i am talking in this video :

  1. Switcheo
  2. Elastos
  3. MAN
  4. TRAC

In this video i would like to tell about the 4 crypto coins which are gems and can give huge profit in coming months if we are long term holders.
All the coins have great potential and have capability to give huge profit which can be even 100x but i will advise all to get in if you are long term holders and hold these coins until you reach your target .

I hope you will be able to take big profit from these crypto coins .


shokrya sir coins kay bary ma update karny ka

My pleasure dear . I hope this would have helped you :)

good work

Thanks Puneet . Keep on rocking on steemit as well as in life. :)

thenks sumit bhai...

your selected coins based on potential project.
if market keep growing we can acheove 100x target.
thanks for your efforts and keep it up bro ....

Very Nice

Mai already apka subscriber hu, meri 2 aur ID h usme v investment kar rakhi h..

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hello sir i'm @mostafezur from bangladesh.i'm your big fan

Okay i will do my won research on that coin thanx for sharing such a great information about hidden gems

good job

kindly follow me guyz i m also in team of moneyguru

kindly follow me guyz i m also in team of moneyguru

My pleasure to share info with you and yes its must for anyone to first study and then only take decision to invest over it ..

Thanx sir for replay

Excellent and thanks for sharing Sir..

Great information for investors to earn prophet in future

Great information i buyed the same

Nice Post

Thanks for your nice video. It is right time to invest in some real gem and wait for sometime to watch to grow multiple folds.

100% it is my friend as this is only when you earn real big profits from crypto which we always dream for .

sumit ji one question more upvote click or not let me know

sumit sir if i upload any video that does't upload what is the reason behind it let me know.

Sir I have a question.
How much money does it require to start trading on exchanges like binance or on any other exchange?
Basically, I am asking that what is the minimum amount to start trading or to get started with trading ?
Cause there are so many people who are willing to trade but are on a very limited budget.
So, It will be very helpful from your side if you answer my query.
Will be very thankful to you.
A great support to our Money Guru.

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500 followers in 5 days, good sir keep it up:)

Very nice useful video sir. Keep uploading such useful videos.

Very good information to earn. Keep it up.

Keep it up...

there is no guarantee to it bro

Nice informations bro very good coin suggests

Exchange 3rd class hai sub

I think 2 coin good 1 average 1 shit coin

Nice Post. Upvote And Earn.

good work sumit ji u r doing a very good videos hope to see many more from you

Great to see you here money guruu .you going success here.....

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Senior Person suggestion is always better.

thank you sir,
this is right time to have these gems

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Thanks a lot for sharing this. Planning to invest on these 4 coins. :)

Nice Update Mr Sumit. Keep posting updates on cryptos, so all interested peoples can be aware about whats going on in the market.


Yaar bhai etn ko add q nhi kia apne

Hello sumit ji main bhaut dinoo se app ke zurra hoon aur

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Same from me I am too newly join in this group.

Bro aap nai artical 1 hi likha hai aap roj kam sai km 5 artical likho 5 ko follow kro 5 ko coment kro but upvote mat krna kyoki aap ki steem power bhut km hai

Thanks Sumit sir for this gems absolutely this is hidden gems for long term hold .
This will change our future by holding it for long term
This is great project good concept too

Welldone Bhai..

will buy and hold tight these coins .. and thank you for Steemit earning idea.
I wish you earn lots of money and hope i too earn a lot with your ideas :)

Hello Sumeet Bhai, I am a follower from youtube, I like it when you try to help new crypto enthusiast. If you don't mind please follow me as well. Thank you :)

AL 4 coins are very good.......in fact I am holding 2 out of these i.e SWTH & MAN.....Now going to buy Elastos

Dear Sumit Kapoor very nice video, but kafi cheezain missing thi video main hum sab ko phelay pora steemit system samjhana phaday ga wo kesay work karta hai reputation kesay bhadai jaie what is Steem power what is sbd, voting power limit how many upvotes we can do per day where we can check our voting power ( https://steemd.com/@username ) if we want to purchase sp how we can kiu k kafi new users ko yeh bataien pata nhi hain.

Hi sumit sir... Plz follow me back and thanks for sharing this

Hello sumit sir... Plz follow me back and thanks for sharing this

Nice analysis Sumit Bhai.. one must watch this video before invest in the cryptomarket. Keep going ! 👍

Hi sir i am investing to the coins that you suggeted

Hello @moneyguruu

I m also big fan of your all video..

Deri se lekin steemit ka video to banaya
Aisi bahot blockchain based decentralized sites he.. Jo real me money...deti he...


Thanks bhai please accept my request and add me to community on facebook.

Sir u r God of crypto...


hello sir, these coines can be shure touch better future, but i have alrady invested my all sevings in other coins.

As always you shared the gem of coins. I really appreciate your efforts. I can understand how much time you invest in searching those gems and shared with us without any charges...Your free crypto signals are also excellent.. keep up good work.. we all are with you in this amazing journey

great helpp!!!!!!!!!

Long term... Means..... 2year or 3 years ....plz tell me

Thanks for the list Sumit sir
I have studied some of these coin especially switcheo is the great project , it definately has a great future and can go to 100x easily according to the project

very good vedio

very well sumit bro. you really studied alot about all these coins and i am also agree with you that all these are good projects and have the ability to reach the moon. and we the members of MG community will ride on these coins to the moon.

you are the beast in crypto aka the unstoppable bro......

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i will do same to you and you will earn

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